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August 31, 2003
    In a late summer wedding ceremony on Saturday a day that could only be described a perfect; Joyce Byrne married Rick Perock of De Pere and became Joyce Perock. The reception which was modest in size was held at the posh Bemis Center which is part of St. Norbert College and is on the northern end of the campus. The trendy upscale building provides a comfortable spot for a celebration as well as an "at home" type of atmosphere but lacks certain basic functionality as a gathering place. The building is pleasantly broken into different levels for different functions however neither level is easily accessible from the street. A caterer bringing in food, or a band bringing equipment has the choice of either lugging their freight down the front steps and then up the elevator or carting it a half a block to the back of the building all up hill. A pleasant surprise that turned out to be a major disruption occurred as the meal was served when people started to notice that one of the girls waiting table was actually Sandra Bullock. Ms. Bullock as she likes to be called likes to earn a few extra bucks now and then by waiting table at middle age nuptials with a modest and more senior guest list. By choosing this type of banquet to wait table, she is not recognized as much and is able to go about her work with out a lot of badgering from fans. It is true that she may have gone unnoticed if not for the keen eyes of Tim Lade and me. I seized the opportunity to have her autograph a publicity photo she just happened to have, and then my skills as a reporter took over and I ascertained that she indeed works part time in remote Wisconsin towns and cities as a waitress to pay off her huge gambling debt. Between the money she makes from that and the earnings from mud wrestling she explained she is not able to make sufficient payments due to her attraction to Indian casinos. While Bullock would not admit how much she gambled away the rest of the week in the Oneida Casino she did say that what she made Saturday night would not even pay for one day at the Casino. The Perocks seemed unaffected by the whole distraction sitting at the table, Joyce giggling as Thurston whispered something in her ear. No one will ever know what he whispered but she usually giggles when men talk dirty to her. No one even noticed as all the attention in the room was centered on Ms. Bullock. Later though I did see Joyce talking to Sandra and upon questioning Ms. Bullock later I found out that Joyce was interested in earning extra income from mud wrestling and spoke to Sandra about a career in the sport. Ms. Bullock would not confirm or deny whether Joyce would pursue the opportunity. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Perock.


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September 7, 2003
    In a year that has already shown us a plethora of babies there is still one more to report. Rick Poquette and his special friend Bobby are expecting a child in April. The family was told this week of the expectant child and is delighted about the new addition to the family. Rick the eldest child of the Richard Poquette family and father of the expected child earns a modest income working for VanVreede's TV and Appliance and lives with Bobby in a rented home. Bobby who had worked as a waitress is still working but it is unknown where. Bobby feels very at home with the Poquette family and already loves Dick and Colleen like her own parents. In a phone interview, Colleen Poquette stated "we will be helping the couple fix up their home and getting it ready for the baby."

    The XPFL Cheerleaders feel it would be in vogue to have a queen reign over the Turkey Bowl this year so we have opened the floor to nominations for a Queen of the Turkey Bowl. The duty of the Queen would be to blow the whistle to start the game and congratulate the winning team and give each one a kiss at the end of the game. Nominations will be taken this week and next followed by an election in two weeks in the NEWSLETTER. To nominate a candidate simply click here  or call 920-869-2368 with your choice or mail in your response to The Kat and Mick Report   N. 6421 County E    De Pere, WI. 54115 All nominations are subject to approval by The Kat and Mick Report. This year at the Turkey Bowl, tickets will be sold to win a computer along with a computer desk. The proceeds will go to a fund to be used to rebuild the breasts of Head Cheerleader Kat Pickett. Kat has long lamented about the condition of her not so perky breasts and not having enough money to have corrective surgery, Tim Lade will be making this possible with the donation of a computer and desk for the raffle. Tickets will be sold at the Turkey Bowl and the winner will be picked by the Turkey Bowl Queen out of a hat at the end of the game. That's all the news that is news, see ya.

    Start getting those costumes warmed up for Halloween it's only about 8 weeks off and if your going to invent a clever costume it's time to get going on it. The correct date and time will be published at a later date here in the Newsletter. Don't forget there's a trophy and prize for the best costume at the ball.  That's all the news that is news, see ya.

Richard (Dick) Poquette
Colleen next to the Jackyl
Rick Poquette expectant father