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August 5, 2007
Doctors are baffled as to what's ailing the Kat.
            hursday Night the Kat awoke with numbness in her right foot and face. She was also was very dizzy and unable to stand light in her eyes. She woke me and thought we should call someone about it and ask them some questions and get some professional advice. She talked to the ER people at Aurora Hospital and they suggested she come in to be checked out.

Three hours later we were waiting for the results from the CAT scan when the doctor explained that if the results did not show anything abnormal such as a tumor she could return home and contact her regular doctor to probe the incident deeper. The symptoms had subsided and the results did not show anything irregular other than her abnormally large melon which we already knew about. The doctor was just about to release the Kat when she got a call from the neurologist who ordered her admitted to the hospital due to her having two of the key symptoms that would be necessary to have a stroke.
With not knowing why the incident happened the Kat thought it reasonable that she be admitted and further testing scheduled. Doctors wanted to investigate the possibility that she may have had a "mini stroke" a phenomenon that is still a bit unclear in the medical world but which doctors say can be
the forerunner to a major stroke.  Now that she had been admitted her regular doctor also got involved and ordered testing as to why she was anemic as well, a condition that was brought to her attention months ago but the doctor had not addressed.

Friday night was spent "cleaning out" her system where by she drank two gallons of that magic mixture that sends you straight to the bathroom while you clutch your buttocks to help hold it in until you make it to the toilet.

Saturday morning she was ready to succumb to the testing that was necessary to search her Kat innards for bleeding that doctors thought may be present. The first procedure called a lower GI is of course more commonly known as the colonoscopy, and involves doctors forcing a sewer snake tool with a video camera attached to it into your dirt chute and taking a look around. The Kat commented later that she could actually feel the device scraping the insides of her tiny Kat gut as she lay on the table helpless thanks to the anesthetic.

With that procedure complete doctors hosed off the video tool while nurses prepared the Kat for the upper GI by now rolling her helpless body face up on the table.
Doctors now used the same tool to inspect the upper half of the Kat's digestive system and began inserting it into her mouth and down her throat.
Even though the Kat was sedated her gag reflex wanted to take over and she began retching, but of course there was nothing in her little Kat stomach due to the fasting the night before and the big clean
out from the other procedure. She eventually survived and was wheeled back to her room to recover from the testing.

After lunch her doctors partner visited her and told her that they found nothing and could not explain the episode but they wanted to read the tests further and ordered her to stay yet another night. That brings us to this morning, Sunday, where she awaits word from doctors as to what her status is and when she will come home. Nurses are lobbying doctors to let her out this morning so they no longer have to put up with her hissing and scratching when attending her.

Baffled doctors could be heard in the hall confirming as to what's ailing the Kat. The neurologist: "These things have nine lives you know, we may never know what happened here. We don't know how many lives she has gone through or how many she has left! " Other doctors commented that she may in fact be in the wrong hospital and suggested she be transferred to the Kat Clinic in Allouez.

Cougar Sobieck who was featured in last weeks Newsletter finished in out of 26 racers at Seymour Sunday night. Sobieck's second race was an admirable accomplishment considering his youth and the unprepared nature of the event. Cougar hopes to advance in upcoming weeks. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
The Kat awaits word on her fate
Kat wins Presidential Award at Lamers annual banquet.
Kat reads test results