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Sunday September 23, 2007
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August 12, 2007
                  ealth problems have never been an issue of concern for Sarah Poquette, daughter of Richard and Colleen "Cleen" Poquette. But recently Poquette has been diagnosed with a somewhat rare neurological condition called Bell's Palsy named after a Scottish surgeon of the same name who studied the condition.
The condition leaves it's victims with one side of the face paralyzed but is not life threatening, it's existence is known to all who have contact with the victim as the face is "droopy" on the affected side.  The good news is that it is not permanent, and Sarah could
be free of the symptoms in a few weeks or months. Rarely do the symptoms last more than a year, and the condition is not contagious.

Local religious leaders are calling this development "a message from God, for Sarah to denounce her dark beliefs and return to her faith" but Poquette has not responded to their outcry. Sarah is ignoring the local religious factions and instead she has stocked up on items such as eye of knute and dog bane from her favorite ebay wiccan store to make a poultice.

Bells Palsy is caused by trauma to the 7th cranial nerve and one out of about 5,000 people have this condition at some time during their life. It usually affects older people but children, and wiccan's are not immune. Little or no treatment is necessary for the condition to leave the body nor is there any known cure. Those who have experienced the condition are not guaranteed immunity from having the neurological condition strike again, in fact their chances are higher than those who have never had it.

Cleen and Dick are leaving to attend Peter and Alex's' wedding on Thursday August 30 and are offering a spot on board their vehicle if anyone is interested. The couple will attend the wedding and the reception but will leave shortly after on Saturday evening so Dick can be back for the stock car races on Sunday.

They have extended an invitation to anyone who wishes to attend but is unable to due to lack of transportation or lack of interest in driving to ride with them. This would require that you have no commitment on Friday as the couple would leave Thursday night.

If you are interested contact Cleen at 869-1132 and reserve your seat now. Seating is limited.
Sarah Poquette
Richard Meeusen who at one time was an accountant for PMI the managing corporation for the Brown Co. Veterans Memorial Arena and The Resch Center has announced that he is taking to the road on a new career.
Meeusen has labored on the Internet in a cloud of mystery for many years since his departure from PMI and with snippets of information gained from family members during gatherings has
done well financially for the most part.

While it is not clear exactly what Meeusen actually did do on the Internet his wife "Doats" described his latest endeavor as a travel agent. Other known opportunities have included auto sales and website creation.

In a related story Mary "Doats" Meeusen is thinking of leaving her job as a visiting nurse. Meeusen has
Richard Meeusen
worked as a visiting nurse for many years and lately the management has insisted on zero tolerance on mistakes or entry's regarding patient documentation. Meeusen finds the added demands hard to cope with and may be looking for a new job or even a new field of employment to explore.
Doats Meeusen
Meeusen children Christine, and Adam who have enjoyed the security that their parents have had good steady jobs are now worried that they may be left out in the cold during the transition.
Chrissy Meeusen who is in her second year of College commented that she needs her parents to have steady jobs.
"Hey I don't care how they make their money I need to finish college and they have to pay"  said Meeusen. The club legged XPFL cheerleader finds
Chrissy Meeusen
it difficult to find part time employment and needs her parents to give her financial aid to finish her education.

That's all the news that is news see ya.