Cliff and Ceils as we Remember It
Brittany's friends Paul and Dennis acting like their not gay and high on cannabis
The Axis of Evil in the fall of 2005
Manager Cindy, daughter of original owner Cliff, in the old days before it was purchased by the Van Rite's
An unknown waitress becomes steamed at one of the Queens subjects
Bartender Wynonna in one of her striking poses
Striped Bartenders work the Chicken Night crowd
The Queen.......need I say more?
Wynonna enjoys cake from one of the many birthday parties held at Chicken Night
Princess Ashley tries on the Chicken Night Crown to be ready in case the Queen should perish in a fiery crash
The Queen loses control on the night Marge visited
Marie Krohn came to many chicken nights when she was well
Marge Wenzel comes to see what all the hubbub is about at Chicken Night
Whoops we forgot to take the picture with Pally in the frame
The Queen is nearly ready to tumble off of her stool when her food finally comes
Two plain clothes Gestapo agents are uncovered by Chicken Night patrons
The Queen becomes enraged after a squabble breaks out among the peasants when a fried chicken shortage is announced
The Queen explains the concept of beer goggles while her uninterested sister Trixie swills beer
Joe Seihr as usual not listening to Amy as he recovers from one of his many surgeries
Wynonna and Naomi act as though they are interested in what the bar patrons say
The official legal tender of Chicken Night
Everyone tries to act natural as I snap this photo
God Save the Queen
Brittany Sobieck poses with her friends Paul and Dennis
The Kat enters Cliff and Ceils the back way with a very young Lance
Randy and Bonnie Lasecki visit Chicken Night
Tim Lade poses with Tina Louise "Ginger" from Gilligans Island
Zeus experiences Chicken Night
Just another typical Friday Night at Cliff and Ceils
Brittany tries to pick up strays that wander off
Lola Sobieck smiles for the camera while Trixie scowls, Jean Poquette - Hansen quietly says grace while the Kat pretends to listen intently
Wynonna talks to Chicken Night patrons and tries not to make fun of them, in the end the temptation is too much and she gives in
The Queen must do her mouth exorcises before consuming any beer.