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December 2, 2007
Christmas party planned for club participants only, Fat Club Kids protest and riot when told they are not welcome.
              he annual Fat Club Christmas Party held at various members homes is set this year to be held on December 15th at the Sobieck residence on Florist Drive in Hobart.

The Fat Club an inception of the late Mary Poquette and her friends long ago started it's humble beginnings as the TOPS Club (Take off pounds sensibly.) The Club as it was known would host a summer picnic for members and their families, the Poquette children who's numbers were many would consume most of the soda while murmurs of disapproval in the membership were heard. Later as the general public left or died out of the membership literally, only those children that drank all the pop were left. Those members decided later to rename the club to it's present name, blunt yet more accurate "The Fat Club."

Traditionally the members held their annual Christmas party without the company of children and sometimes without spousal units. While there is no set protocol regarding the attendance of spousal units, and their attendance is accepted as optional, the presence of children is not allowed giving the members at least one night of peace and quiet. In the early days of TOPS children were only allowed into the house to use the bathroom after which they were quickly escorted from the home and the door bolted behind them. While that method of control is socially frowned upon these days, numbers of the FC kids as they were known have dwindled to the point of a small manageable group. However with the offspring of grandchildren now coming into the picture the numbers of active FC kids are growing at an alarming rate. 

FC kids overhearing the plans for the Christmas party are now demanding to be invited to the special event previously barred to anyone below the age of 18. Scuffles and skirmishes have broken out at the homes of some members when children have been told of attendance rules.

The time of the December 15th party has not yet been set nor has the gift selection been designated yet. In the past the group has either brought a gift to exchange or more recently has organized a white elephant gift exchange whereby an item that won't be missed from the household is wrapped up and given as a gift at the celebration. Last year the white elephant gift exchange featured gifts exclusively from the Pickett home without the knowledge of the Kat. 
Original group of FC kids in 1979
FC kid numbers drop to only 4 in 2001
Trixie Sobieck the host of the party, clandestinely removed random items from the Kat's  collection of nick knacks and decorative oddities in a quantity large enough to accommodate everyone at the party. As you might imagine the Kat was overwhelmed with horror when she saw all of her precious belongings given as gifts.
The Kat not pleased with the  gift exchange last year
Happy that she has a new opportunity to become a productive member of society instead of  going back to just barely surviving on the income from picking up aluminum cans and scrap steel, Trixie Sobieck says she loves her new job.  Last week the news broke in the NEWSLETTER that Sobieck was leaving Wal-Mart for a job as an assistant to the activity director at Birch Creek Assisted Living in De Pere. This job allows her to use her creative talent as well as participate in activities geared toward the senior.

Sobieck who assumed the position on Wednesday has had little time to adjust from retail to working with the elderly except for the time she spent hanging around with the greeters at Wal-Mart. She is already gearing up to teach the aging how to create and put finishing touches on picket carolers and miniature picket snowmen. Sobieck: "I figure if I can get all these old fossils to learn how to work on crafts I can go back into the craft business with all this free labor, and I get paid to do it to boot!" Sobieck is thinking of setting up a production line at the facility and is looking for conveyers to install in the activity room.She is also looking forward to field trips with the ageing clientele, the next one is to be snowboarding in Colorado.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.