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December 23, 2007
Alleged victim reports to his brother "The incident never happened."
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                 eports of an attack on the life John Poquette with the use of deadly force during a late night poker game are apparently erroneous. Apparently as reported last week by Fleet Jordan, John Poquette 60, a self employed reverse marketer was involved in a late night poker game for high steaks when another player in the game accused him of cheating, stood up with a gun and shot Poquette in the arm. At that point allegedly another man seated at the table with a gun shot the would be attacker dead with his weapon.

John Poquette was contacted this week by his brother Peter and refused to confirm the shooting and in fact denied it ever happened. David Poquette
55, apparently concerned that his brother John had actually been shot and rendered a helpless vegetable was prepared to act on his brothers request to "pop him behind the ear with a .22 cal. pistol"  should it become necessary to end any lingering. The request made some time ago
by the allegedly wounded brother was still vivid in the mind of David and even though John had not been shot and was not in the vegetative state David did his best to convince him the time had come for him to accept the .22 caliber bullet with his name on.

Unable to convince John that his life cycle needed to be ended he postponed his morbid duty and called the KAMR to inform us that John is alive and well and suffered no bullet wounds. Dave even speculated that John, in one of his alcoholic hallucinations called Fleet and made up the whole story.

Our staff here at THE NEWSLETTER are only interested in the truth, therefore we apologize for the error in the reporting of the shooting last week.

Medical science leaves little to the imagination these days. The impregnated Aimee Richey reports she and husband Chris already know the sex of the baby growing in her womb.
It's a girl and it is due to arrive May 5th., Cinco de Mayo, the Mexican independence day. Joanne Lade and her friend Tera Mattke are throwing a baby shower for Richey and her offspring at St. Joseph's Church in Oneida March 1st. The Richeys were married in Mexico in February.
Aimee Richey
Seventeen year old Cougar Sobieck was the only one home this weekend. Sobieck's parents and siblings were gone up north
Cougar Sobieck
Dave Poquette
spending a John Denver Christmas at the new Sobieck Cottage on North Twin Lake.

Tell tale signs of the party were evident Sunday morning as Cougar slept and the snow began to fall. The
garage doors were both open and every light in the house was on. The residence looked like a polish church. There are also numerous bottles of beer emptied and a bottle of Sky vodka also was tapped out.

Once again Hillshire smoked ham will flow effortlessly from the platter to the mouths of hungry party goers Christmas Eve as the annual Poquette family Christmas party gets underway. Those attending should arrive at 6 PM to partake in the numerous foodstuffs arraigned on the island counter for their consumption.

Assignments have already been made regarding the preparation of food and who will bring what. Last minute questions, substitutions, and cancellations  can be directed toward the Kat by calling 869-2368.

The annual showing of the Turkey Bowl will also be available for those attending with a little different venue than most are used to. Brandon will bring his projector and set it up in the garage casting a large picture for those watching to have a larger viewing target.

Calendars and the TB VIII DVD are available and are priced at $15 ea, those who have ordered can pick them up at the party. Extras are available if you did not get your name on the list.

The new XPFL page is up click here to see it. That's all the news that is news, see ya.