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Halfway into the argument they can't remember what they are fighting about.
        t's a safe bet that if there's trouble of some kind and someone's defending another's civil right regarding the use of alcohol, it's probably Whitey Cornelius. Cornelius a staunch supporter of alcohol use himself got caught up in an argument Friday Night with his brother Jules at a local cocktail lounge after what Jules considered was over the line on beer consumption.

Cornelius a seasoned drinker was able to convert the better part of a case of beer to urine in about an hour and a half and still was able to stand with out help. His brother Jules saw this as unnecessary and lectured his older sibling about what in his view is a problem. Although Cornelius did not immediately respond to the comments he did not forget it. Twenty four hours later on Saturday Night Cornelius brought up the incident again to Jules and conveyed his disdain for his hurtful comments.

By this time Jules had had a snootfull and did not care to hear the opinions of the white one. But Whitey did not care to let the situation go since he had been admonished by this younger brother the night before so severely. Soon the shouting match became derailed and neither was arguing the same points but instead it became just a venue to pick on each other.

Finally Jules not wanting to continue with the ruckus and anxious to get back to his waiting girl friends ended the verbal battle by conceding defeat. The next morning he needed the best part of a case himself as the "hair of the dog" treatment to rid himself of his hangover.

Next year will be a busy one in the Snell family for weddings. First Brandon and Clara will kick off the succession of weddings with nuptials on May 31 memorial day weekend.
Whitey Cornelius, Alex Pickett, and Jules Cornelius at a local cocktail lounge
A few months will pass then Val Snell and Darryl Tingley will dive into the marriage mixing bowl and tie the not on October 25 th. Of course that date could spell trouble for the Tingley's as it would be the logical date for the
Halloween Party hosted by Richard and Colleen Poquette at their posh Central Hobart property.

Snell and Tingley could see a rather small turnout to the wedding as most of the guests will opt to attend the Halloween event in Hobart.

On a side note Snell and Tingley are considering merging their last names to make the new name of Sningley for use after the wedding.
Val Snell
Justin Sobieck is thinking ahead and in an effort to get the jump on things is planning to purchase a home sometime in the near future. Sobieck who is engaged to Janel Engelbert wants to own his own home before he
is officially married to Engelbert.

Sobieck plans to secure the loan and begin shopping immediately while the home market is still depressed, but will shop wisely and is not willing to jump at the first deal thrown his way. Sobieck has also thought about where Engelbert will stay after
the purchase is complete and has decided that if Engelbert is unable to find housing he will take her in and allow her to stay until she finds shelter or they are married which ever comes first.
Although Engelbert could not be reached for comment sources tell the NEWSLETTER that she is satisfied with the arrangement provided separate bedrooms are provided with doors that lock.

Cougar Sobieck has already put
in a request for Justin to pick a home in De Pere so he can live there too and be able to walk to school.
With Brittany gone to college and Justin and Janel and Cougar moving out this would make the Sobieck home an empty nest, an unwanted situation no doubt for Trixie. Trixie relies heavily on the trio to pitch in on cooking and cleaning in her absence while she is at work. Without these three to assist, and with Kevin and Trixie working the Sobieck home will likely fall into disarray and eventually become a shambles taken over by drug addicts, and wild animals.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Justin Sobieck
Janel Engelbert
a katandmick photo
December 30, 2007