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Poquette Family Golf Outing
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Golf Saturday August 21 with a potluck to follow at the Prevost Mansion
One Nine Hole Round Walking $16.50 Riding $24.50 per person
Remember when registering non-family members obtain prior approval from Jean Poquette-Hansen
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4 member teams.
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Golf and Dinner Plans
(Team names in Yellow)
Mike Pickett
Bunky Pickett
Alex Pickett
Peggy Pickett

Lade's Long Hitters
JoAnne Lade
Tim Lade
Tiger's Wood
Blackie Cornelius
Todd Nelson

Tiger's Mistress's
Trixie Sobieck
Kevin Sobieck
Rick Prevost
Stephonia Prevost

The Fore Skins
Jean Poquette-Hansen
James Seidl
Ben Hansen
Consuelo Rivera

L&E Machine
and Dick Repair
Earl Poquette
Pat Poquette
Dick Poquette
Cleen Poquette

PGA Tour Fed Ex Team
Jeremy Rezek
John P. Daly
Brittany Sobieck
Brittany Sobieck Friend
Contact Stephonia Prevost at 920-866-9499 or to co-ordinate your dish for the potluck.
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Tee Time is 12:30 PM
We will be attending the golf outing and potluck dinner after.
We will be attending the golf outing only and not coming to dinner.
We will only be coming to the potluck dinner and not golfing.