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January 15, 2005
    udy Treml one time house wife and mother turned environmental activist announced at the regular meeting of "The Fat Club" Thursday, that she may be considering a run for the 1St Senate district of Wisconsin. This after she voiced obvious displeasure over the actions of current Senator Allen Lasee over a sticky situation in Kewaunee County where a building permit was issued to build in a DNR designated wetland. Lasee, concerned over the loss of funds by the would be home owner commented that the building should be allowed and an exception made to the rule allowing no building in the wetland areas. Treml however sees it differently raising the question that if it is indeed a wetland and the rule is no building then how could the homeowner be allowed to continue.

The 1St. Senate district of Wisconsin Includes the eastern half of Brown County, Kewaunee County,  Door County and parts of Calumet and Manitowoc counties. Senators elected in 2002 received $45, 569 in salary as well as expenses. Lasee, President of the Wisconsin Senate is up for election in 2006. Treml a water well rights activist from Kewaunee County has not made it clear if she will actually run for the seat. A formal announcement from Treml is expected soon regarding the impending election, a decision would have to be made in the next couple of weeks in order to allow Treml enough time to mount a formidable campaign against Lasee.

Dave Poquette who has been off of work since mid fall returned to his truck driving job last week without medical incident. Poquette who suffered a shoulder injury from his truck driving job had surgery followed by many weeks of painful therapy to repair a tear. Poquette who is known to spend many hours monitoring the temperature in distant cities while traveling was relegated to getting temperatures via the Internet while laid up and confined to his home. He did however take a trip to the north to visit his home and grab a few readings near the Oneida area while providing comment for Turkey Bowl VI and the Christmas get together.

Today January 15, is the last day Alex Pickett is a US serviceman in the Air Force. Pickett who joined 4 years ago went to Turkey for a year after his Basic and Security Forces training were complete. After a furlough and trip back home for a few weeks he went back to Germany and the Ramstein air base where he assumed regular duty guarding flight lines. He remained there until this fall when he returned to a grand homecoming at the Turkey Bowl. He will not be coming home though after his stint because of several reasons. He suffered a knee injury while in Germany and needs surgery to correct a torn ACL he acquired while playing football. He also has accepted civil service job in Germany working for the US Government. He will be driving a forklift and doing warehouse work upon his recovery from surgery. He expects to work in Germany a couple of years and then return to the States.

In Case you didn't catch it last week there's a new Idiotocity and the Birthday page has been updated.  That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Senator Allen Lasee, senator 1st. district and Senate President
Well water activist Judy Treml speaks on television about clean well water
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Dave Poquette
Alex Pickett discharged from service today
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katandmick photo
January 21, 2006
       ince his capture some three years ago John Poquette has been known to some as "The Gecko" liking his similarity to character of the same name in the movie "Wall Street". The Gecko who was released on January 10, 2006 at 0800 never thought that the long arm of the law would throw the book at him and arrange to be the guest of the state of Utah for three years. The judge citing a long list of minor offences over the years decided to make Poquette an example to others that such behavior will not be tolerated in Utah. The Gecko who said he would return to his business upon his release has not made an attempt to do so as of yet stating he needed a little time to adjust to his new lifestyle and get back to making decisions for himself again. The Gecko's business partner Michael Poquette and brother has not been seen nor has he made an attempt to contact the Gecko since his release. Should John decide to return to his old business he probably would have to go it alone being abandoned by his brother and former business partner.

Dave Poquette who managed the affairs of The Gecko while he was detained said that he requested a sizeable amount to be placed in his jail account which was available upon his release. Poquette then celebrated after release and spent a substantial amount of the money before boarding the plane to return to his home in Las Vegas. The Gecko received a plane ticket back to Las Vegas from his girl friend Deanna who maintained his residence while he was away.

Poquette suffered some medical problems while incarcerated, a small heart attack caused him to have a stent put in as the result of heart disease. After that incident Poquette came to the realization of his own mortality and told his brother Dave that should he become debilitated due to a stroke or similar medical event he was to end his life. The Gecko told Dave "Just take a small caliber gun like a .22 or something and pop me one behind the ear". Dave, realizing that this would be murder made no such promise to his aging brother. The Gecko had not brought up the idea again upon his release so Dave thinks he has released him from the gruesome duty.

The Green Bay Packers citing poor performance have lobbied the NFL to make various rule changes to their games for the 2006 season. The Packers office has also offered The Newsletter a peak at the 06 season schedule as well posted to the right of this column. The rule changes the Packers have instituted will in no way affect the XPFL games as stated by commissioner Brandon Pickett.

1 - When playing polio patients, the Packers must not disconnect knee braces. 
2 - When playing the Blind Academy, the Packers must not hide the football under their jerseys. 
1 - A touchdown (this is when the ball is carried over the goal line for all you Packer fans that have never seen this) it is still worth 6 points. 
2 - The Packers will be allowed 20 men on the field at all times. 
3 - The Packers will be allowed to substitute with band members at anytime. 
4 - The Packers will be awarded 10 timeouts as opposed to 3 for the opposing team. 
5 - The Packers will be awarded a first down with each gain of three yards or more, instead of the usual ten yards. 

John Poquette out of Jail
Friends the Gecko  made while incarcerated await his release so they can wave good bye

14................Taft Junior High School 
21................Cub Scout Troop #101 
28...............Green Bay Blind Academy
05.................Spanish American War Vets 
12................Crippled Children's Home 
19................Appleton Mental Hospital 
26................Girl Scout Troop # 353
02..................Wisconsin Venereal Disease Clinic 
09.................De Pere Boys Choir 
16.................Korean Amputees SPECIAL MONDAY NIGHT GAME
08..................Sheboygan Gay Boys Club