January 7, 2007
             ith people just now recovering after being told the DVD's were not ready for Christmas Eve night yet another delay plagues the Treml video production facility in Luxemburg. Fatal errors in the operating system of the main computer used for video production have left the master copy of the production edited by Scott Treml in a shambles. Not only is there repairable damage to the finished production but the computer used for the process is unusable as was his laptop. A system restore was able to fix his laptop but the desktop is quite another story. With the large amount of information on the disk of that computer, a system restore fix is ineffective. Treml considered calling in "The Geek Squad" but after learning their prices is leaning in favor of bringing the computer to a trusted repair facility he does business with on a regular basis.
Treml's problems all began when he purchased a new production program called Pinnacle version 10. He installed the software and it immediately put his laptop into a tizzy with the machine displaying  errors immediately. Treml thinking that it was his laptop that was at fault then tried it on his desktop and that
machine coughed. He uninstalled the program from his desktop but he says it is not the same. After 10 minutes of use the machine locks up and is unusable.

All is not lost however, the raw video is still in tact on tape and even a DVD copy it exists and was made before the problems started. Treml plans to get the machine going again and use some kind of video program to again produce the program. Whether he again tries to reload the Pinnacle is up in the air however he still has the original production program to use if he decides against the Pinnacle program.

So if you ordered the calendar and video combination and are wondering where the video is you'll have to wait a while yet until Scott gets his problems sorted out.
Scott Treml
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Clara Snell will graduate from college this spring and will have a job waiting for her when she steps off the platform with diploma in hand. Snell, the fiance of Brandon Pickett has been attending UWGB and will graduate with a degree in accounting. Snell had interviewed with other companies but really wanted the job at Shenk because they seemed like a good company and in tune with her idea of a good accounting corporation.
In a related story Clara and Brandon have announced the date of their impending marriage. The last Saturday in May is the day they have picked as their wedding day. The date is May 31, 2008. Snell and Pickett are already working on the arrangements and have many choices already made. It has already been decided that the couple will
have a shower given by the grooms parents in March 08.
Marge Hanes or the former Marge Wenzel which ever you prefer will return from Germany this week on Tuesday. The return of Hanes to Green Bay on Tuesday will end the 6 month saga of Hanes running off to Texas and marrying Nathan Hanes then after a short stay in Green Bay heading off to Germany to live with her new husband. Nathan who had finished basic training and career training was ordered to transfer to Germany and couldn't bear the thought of leaving his new wife at home and not seeing her for months or possibly even years.

Something happened however and the glamour of being married wore off soon after the Hanes set up their household in Germany. It was announced weeks ago that Marge would be coming home and Nathan would again be on his own. Little is known as to the future of the marriage but rumor has it that Marge was not happy with the result of the union and wanted out.

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