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July 2, 2006
           ven without a formal announcement or a formal proposal for that matter Aimee Poquette and Chris Richey have set the date for their eternal union. Richey an Indiana State Policeman has had trouble making a firm commitment but has approved wedding plans thus far and along with Aimee have decided to travel to Mexico and be married this winter. The February 24th wedding will be in Cancun and will be attended by immediate family and a few hand picked close friends.  Poquette is still hoping that Richey will muster up enough courage and cash to present her with a ring and a few sweet words but is not betting the farm on it.

It seemed from the very beginning that Richey would be the one that Poquette would eventually marry. Joanne Lade, Poquette's mother commented that she had never seen Aimee act like she did around any other man, and it was her opinion that "he's (Richey) the one". Tim Lade, Poquette's step father said that he thought more of Richey then any other of Aimee's previous male acquaintances and thought they would succeed in the lifelong commitment.

Richey who could not be reached for comment on the matter is a quiet and reserved man but also knows what he wants and is very cautious about matters of lifelong commitment. In a previous KAMR interview conducted at the Cornelius wedding, Richey could not be pinned down on any specifics as to whether Poquette is the girl of his dreams or not, or future plans between the two. 

It’s been recently learned from an anonymous source that mild mannered Dick Poquette, and his youthful wife Cleen are under joint investigation by the Wisconsin State Department of Social Services, and the Federal Department of Human Services for kidnapping, white slavery, and the trafficking of children.

Apparently, a concerned neighbor called the local authorities when the Poquette’s were repeatedly observed with small children at their home. Although Cleen’s appearance suggests that she may be of child bearing age, the unnamed neighbor knew that she had long ago dried up and could not have given birth to all the little ones seen in the area.

At first the neighbor thought that the small children may have been related to the Poquette’s. But after observing the presence of the children for extended periods at a time, the neighbor concluded that it was impossible that any parents could be away from their children for so long. The neighbor also noticed that no parents ever were seen dropping off the children but did notice that Richard suspiciously would appear driving into the yard early in the morning with children in tow.

Adding to the mystery is the occasional arrival of a semi-truck thought to be driven by a relative and the vehicle used to transport the innocent little ones to other parts of the country from what the neighbors are calling “Poquette’s Baby Farm”. At the Poquette Baby Farm site several RVs where searched and what was described as “little baby nests” were discovered.
Chris Richey holding Aimee Poquette (who is trained quite well,) quietly announce their marriage
It is still unknown how many of the area’s missing children may have ended up at this remote outpost and shipped off to waiting, childless couples. But the task force spokesman stated that finding the semi used to sneak the children out of the area was key to getting to the bottom of the case. Authorities feel they will be able to track down the semi by triangulation which has been transmitting a constant cell pone signal for the last 5 years.

Lance Pickett who has been plagued for some time by congestion has had surgery on his sinus cavity to improve drainage in hopes to dry up the area.
Pickett also has a bacterial infection in his lungs which contributes to the problem. Pickett had the surgery on Friday and returned home Saturday afternoon. Lance is the son of Michael P. and Peggy Sue Pickett.
Lance enjoys a soda in the now defunct "Damons Restaurant"
Brittany Sobieck, college student living in Milwaukee is planning a move that will place her in a home with two other students. The third year student will be living with two other girls in a fourth floor apartment. Kevin and Trixie helped her move and the help was much needed to get her personal effects to the 4th floor.

The Birthday Page has been updated, take a look if you wish. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
July 9, 2006
      n what may be the single most important find since the accidental discovery of smoked meat when the slaughter house caught fire, Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck says she's proud to be contributing to this important social discovery. Sobieck well known for her organizing abilities has come upon a great scientific discovery which will revolutionize a certain segment of the fashion industry. The discovery is "The duct tape bustier" as it was dubbed by Sobieck when she accidentally discovered the soon to be popular fashion trick.

It all began last week at the site of the new Sobieck north woods retreat in Phelps Wisconsin. The Sobieck women folk were bored and decided to step things up a few notches and began tipping the bottle early in the afternoon while the men went to pick up lumber at a local Menards in Rhineland.
Sobieck recalls that her mother in law, Lola Sobieck started to get things fired up and amuse family members by forcing her 3 year old grandson Hadyen to drink a few shots.
Darlow Krueger the owner of the wildly popular beauty shop "Shear Dementia" on West Mason Street in Green Bay, was so impressed by the temporary duct taping process that she has said that she will start offering the service
in her shop. The usually reserved and mild mannered manager was also on hand at the Sobieck retreat and spoke bluntly and loudly during a phone interview Monday declaring that the service would soon be offered in Shear Dementia. Other family members in the background could be heard trying to get her to quiet down later when she was disrupting the group and neighbors by stumbling around shouting and laughing loudly.

Shortly after the interview concluded the men arrived home with the goods and were quite surprised in the condition of the women. Kevin Sobieck; "I didn't think we were gone that long, when we got back they were all in the bag."

Since the emergence of the bustier Trixie claims to have decreased her size significantly. Sobieck now makes the point that she is able to share clothing with her sister in law Mary Jane Sobieck, as a matter of fact she insists she is one size smaller then Mary Jane making her garments very loose and roomy. Trixie the mother of well known golf pro Cougar Sobieck, has worked ever so hard at a successful weight loss program and combined with the duct tape bustier has become slight in size. Sobieck now faces the real danger of being picked up by the wind and blown away never to return to this area again. 
When the mother of the boy, Shelly Sobieck refused to have her son participate in this chicanery she snatched him up and left the premises leaving the others to entertain themselves. When a roll of duct tape appeared Trixie Sobieck immediately pulled her top down and asked for
assistance in preparing the duct tape bustier.

The firm application of a roll of duct tape and it's uplifting results did not go unnoticed by the owner of Shear Dementia who was also present at the summer retreat.
Lola Sobieck
Darlow Krueger
With temperatures dipping into the low 60's that evening a subdued crowd enjoyed the fireworks at Peg and Dan VanLanen's on County U. After a meal served in the late afternoon many gathered around an empty circle to chat and reminisce and exchange stories. Many of the younger members of the family were partaking in the volleyball game in the back yard on the other side of the garage. A few random firecrackers erupted and broke the conversation from time to time.

The highlight of the evening came when Peg VanLanen's dog "Buddy" was released from the house to the back yard to do his business. Trixie's dog "Milo" was already present because Jean Poquette Hansen had ben "dog sitting" him. Buddy it seems is intolerant of other dogs on his turf and erupted at the sight of Trixie's compact K-9. Peg immediately shouted to Hansen to get the dog out of danger by picking him up. Glancing back at Buddy revealed a sight of utter amazement and wonder as Buddy hobbled over on crippled legs growling and snarling only to be snubbed as Poquette Hansen picked up the dog and placed it on her head for safe keeping.  The sight so stunned Joanne Lade that she immediately called for the execution of Buddy citing bad health and age as reasons for the dogs demise. VanLanen a long known proponent of euthanasia who even plans her own demise with the black patch when the time comes, objected vehemently to the destruction of the dog claiming the dog is in good health and is not suffering. Lade continued by claiming she would have had the dog put down long ago just as she has done with her own animals when irregularities begin to show up. The two never agreed and the conversation deteriorated to name calling in the end.

Jean Poquette Hansen with a dog on her head and a crippled dog at her feet was finding great difficulty once again keeping a dry pants during spurts of uncontrollable laughter. With out the Kat present to throw Hansen a dry protective muffin from time to time, Hansen began making frequent trips to the bathroom as insurance. That must have worked, random checks of the cement under her chair revealed dry cement every time.

Earl Poquette Jr. bragged about his fine portable fire pit and how nice it is to sit around a little too loudly. Members of the empty circle badgered Poquette into retrieving his device so we could sit around a fire. It worked, Earl and Dick Poquette left and returned 20 minutes later with the fire pit.
That's all the news that is news, see ya.