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July 1, 2007
       t's summer, the birds are singing, the fish are biting, and the lawn needs cutting, it's the time of year when a young mans fancy turns to truck restoration. Justin Sobieck is not immune to this fever and in fact has been bitten by the restoration bug.
Restoration bug
Sobieck a 27 year old Hobart resident says he's looking for something to do in his spare time. Sobieck: "I do most of the yard work at home, and now that my mom is working I do a lot of the housework, but I still have a lot of time on my hands and when Janel is at work I need something to do."
Sobieck who is employed by Applied Industrial Technologies in Appleton says that he's looking forward to working on the vehicle and hopes someday to take it to work. Sobieck says that the company is looking for someone to head their belting shop and he would like to be the guy to do it. "I need something to show that will give the managers the impression that I can oversee a big project and I think this can be it" says Sobieck.

The history of the vehicle dates back to when this writer owned it while I was in technical school. I purchased the truck, a 1966 Ford F-100  from my father for $600 when it was 5 years old. Since then it has had a long and dependable history with two engine changes and countless miles put on. It's only bad day was when I rolled it on it's side after losing control on a rainy day. That put a nasty dent in the passenger side cowling which remains to this day.

Sobieck knows it will cost a fair amount of cash to restore the one time majestic leader of personal hauling transportation, but he doesn't care.
Justin Sobieck
"I'd like to get this done before the wedding, I think it would make a nice wedding present for my new wife." Sobieck plans to marry Janel Englebert in 2009 and knows after that he will have no time to work on the vehicle.
The truck which has been stored for 13 years in my friends barn in Casco was brought to Dick Poquette's garage on Saturday where Sobieck is preparing to work on it. Loading the vehicle on a trailer was not easy, all four tires were flat upon arrival to the site, 3 held air after pumping with a portable air tank, the fourth stayed flat with a broken bead. All the brakes were frozen to the brake drums so no wheels turned when the truck was pulled out of the barn. Eventually 3 out of the four turned with the help of a hammer and my friends tractor.
Don Cain owner of the property and my friend was able to give us help with his tractor even though he had to go to work later that day.  A winch provided graciously by Dick Poquette did not have enough power to pull the wheel locked vehicle on to the awaiting trailer.

The annual Fourth of July party is set to go at the Van Lanen's with all the details in place. Guests can arrive in the afternoon with dinner to be served between 4 and 5 PM. Peg cautions: "If you want to sit down on a chair then you better bring one along or you'll be sitting the ground cuz we don't have enough." What I get out of that is bringing your own lawn chairs is strongly suggested. Peg and Dan are providing the meat, soda, and potato salad, and bottled water for the party so no need to worry about that. If you wish to bring a dish to pass you can do so but it is not mandatory says Peg. If you want any adult beverages then bring them along.
1966 Ford F-100 previously owned by the writer in it's present condition
Dan is planning a bonfire after dinner and he promises an even better fireworks show this year, although I don't know how he could beat last years show. There is no end time for the party so as usual
it's expected that Peg and a few of her friends will drink until they pass out and spend the night sleeping on the lawn. See you at the party! That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Last years fireworks show at the Van Lanens
A katandmick photo
file photo