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July 22, 2007
Jeans eagar to schedule the crowd pleasing event but James wants time to think it over.
                   ne thing the Turkey Bowl has not hosted along with a great football game is a wedding and it looks like that barrier has been breached with the announcement of nuptuals between Jean Poquette Hansen and  James Seidel at the Turkey Bowl this year. Seidel and Hansen who have been dating each other for some 14 years have finally decided to make things official and tie the knot.

Hansen and Seidel attended the birthday party for Brandon Friday night where Hansen along with the other two members of the Axis of Evil devised a plan to have the wedding co-inside with the yearly widely publicized sports event.
James Seidel along with his bride to be Jean Poquette Hansen
Seidel has had a long standing marriage proposal on the table, but Hansen having reservations about where the couple would send their children to school would not accept. Hansen became excited about holding the ceremony at the Turkey Bowl, yet Seidel seemed troubled by the notion and non committal asking for time to think the plan over.

Hansen a seven year veteran of the Blue Jell-O Cheerleading Squad loves the Turkey Bowl and has always dreamed of some day being wed during the half time show. With much effort Hansen has maintained her physique in order to keep her place on the squad always meeting the requirements of not having a flimsy body. She has many times forced down as many as three foot long corn dogs to maintain the weight requirements minutes before her yearly qualification interview.

Jean Poquette Hansen has long said that if she ever married again that the ceremony would include interpretive dance in lieu of any written vows, that was again made clear Friday night during the announcement.

A surprise party thrown in honor of Brandon Pickett on Friday night did indeed surprise the 30 year old dental sales professional. With about 30 to 40 people in attendance Pickett walked in for the Surprise at the Sports Corner in De Pere after a round of golf with his friend Jason Schmumkey who was in on the planning with Pickett's fiance Clara
Snell. Snell along with her parents and sister prepared the room, and prepped guests on their whereabouts while Pickett and Schmumkey were out golfing.

The highlight of the evening was the arrival of a bag lady who came to schmooze Brandon with a lot of trash talk and gags. The lady, a friend of Paul Snell Clara's father was a big hit and was the height of entertainment for the event.
Brandon with the bag lady
The evening of course could not be complete without Val Snell reestablishing her lust for exhibitionism. Snell the older sister of Clara appeared earlier this year at Clara's graduation party in a dress that highlighted her bosom and made her breasts appear to be "flowing over".
This time Snell, at one time a local dealer for Pure Romance (a line of sexual enhancement products) had wore thong underwear but the unmentionables could only seen when Snell was bending over. Strangely there were many things on the floor that needed to be picked up and Val was right there to help.
Val Snell
Snell's boyfriend Darryl, seemed uninterested in Val's antics and went on to tell some of the many stories he experienced while repossessing automobiles, part of his duties connected with his employment. Darryl who is thinking of expanding his specialties to bounty hunting says he likes to keep his head clear and refuses to be distracted by Snell's questionable behavior. 

Jean Poquette Hansen former Queen of Chicken Night has announced she will once again host the popular fall event of pumpkin carving for the children. Hansen a longtime advocate of Halloween at one time hosted the annual Halloween party now held in Dick Poquette's garage.  In keeping with the spirit Hansen hopes to this year add a small "haunted house" effect to the celebration decorating her house to add the suspense of spookiness to the experience.

Dates and times have not yet been announced but reportedly Hansen along with her fiance James are preparing by taking publicity photos guaranteed to top last years promotion photo for the announcement. (see last years announcement by clicking here) James upset in the past that he was not allowed to keep the carved pumpkins for himself vows that this year each child will be allowed to keep an 8 X 10 glossy photo of their carved creation. Seidel says the pumpkin is to remain at the Crippen St. home where he legally has a right to keep it after checking into legal pumpkin carving precedent.
That's all the news that is news, see ya.