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July 29, 2007
                  ogan Sobieck, or Cougar as he was  named after his triumphant success on the golf course has yet another success story to tout after his racing debut during the Seymour Fair last week. It seems the Hobart youth has taken a liking to racing after being offered a chance to race the night of the Seymour Fair with a car loaned to him by Dick Poquette's racing client. Logan won a third place trophy in that event and received a $100 purse. He did however wreck the car by crashing into the wall at a high rate of speed. Sobieck was so smitten by the racing lifestyle he purchased a car this week from Cleen's brother to race this evening in Seymour. Cougar hopes to become a regular in the 4 cylinder division on Sunday nights in the nearby town.

Sobieck began his driving career this year when he passed his road test after the third try according to his mother Trixie Sobieck.  Although Sobieck enjoyed driving the local roads for business and pleasure he longed for more. With racing fuel in his blood and the smell of burning rubber in his nose Sobieck will again return tonight to tear up the track in Seymour.

The Kat has had surgery for carpel tunnel syndrome just as her sisters Jean Poquette Hansen and Joanne Lade had done. Unable to sleep because her paws were going numb the Kat elected to have the corrective surgery. Since the surgery she says the condition has improved although she has lost some strength in her paws which may be permanent due to muscle atrophy says the doctor.

Her recovery is slow and she is unable to do simple housework due to limitations placed on her by the doctor. I have been attending to her needs and it
Sobieck posses for publicity shots while fueling in the pits in Seymour
Sobieck appears ecstatic as he accepts the 3rd. place trophy at The Seymour race track during the Fair.
has been little extra trouble, although I will be glad when the doctor allows her some activity as I am growing tired of cleaning her backside after bathroom visits. I have found simply hosing her off seems to work the best.

It is also somewhat disturbing to sleep with someone who has to wear a plastic collar to keep them from licking the stitches. Kat will have the other hand done in a few weeks.

Several months ago Trixie Sobieck went to work at Wal-Mart nurturing plants and she has done well. Sobieck is looking to advance her career and the next step in the process is to move from plants to
Kat with her protective cone
the mentally challenged. Sobieck 41, has packed up the garden department at the west side Wal-Mart for this year and will be trained for a cashiers job but feels the assembly line type of work she will transfer to is not enough.

Friday Sobieck applied for employment at Aspiro at a facility behind St. Mary's Hospital. If hired she would work for Brown County and her duties would largely be taking care of the handicapped at the center. It is also the same facility where Johnny Krohn works, the son of the late Marie Krohn and her husband Harold. Hearing about the job from a friend at Wal-Mart Sobieck knew that her friends son worked at the facility. Even with the recommendation from that individual it is not known just how much chance she has at the job.

One of the requirements is to know some sign language. Sobieck was able to put down on her application that she does know some courtesy of her nephew Cole Pickett who taught her the signs for more and please.  That's all the news that is news, see ya.