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June 6, 2004

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
June 13, 2004
    Because of the extensive amount of events and duties of the writer at said events last weeks newsletter would have been delayed until mid week. But when I sat down and compiled my news stories and was ready to put them down as words on my massive linotype machine the Kat balked and began hissing and clawing out her dissatisfaction to the whole idea. It seems that my hectic itinerary had not allowed sufficient time to complete what the Kat deemed enough progress on the cabinets to be installed in her kitchen plan. Even though 75% of the construction is complete on the cabinetry the Kat being of a calico mix and high strung was dissatisfied with the progress and wanted the newsletter abandoned for last week and more progress made on the kitchen. Therefore unable to continue to work at my linotype machine and concentrate over the shouts of concern from the hissing Kat I succumbed to her wishes and retired to the basement work shop for that evening and the following. Many e-mails, cards, and letters poured in during the week wondering why THE NEWSLETTER had not been on their doorstep Sunday morning as usual, I promptly referred that correspondence to the Kat as to which she was curiously silent. The Kat who spends much of her time lying in the sun by the front window has not voiced any apologetic words nor has she insisted more time be spent at the work shop she has I think though become a wiser more informed Kat due to your letters and in the future may not second guess and short change the readers to what they are so richly entitled to here at the KAMR. Now that I have all the motors and wheels going on the linotype machine and I'm sitting strategically at the keyboard lets pick up where we left off two weeks ago.

    Brittany Sobieck and Sarah Poquette enjoyed a wonderful graduation party on May 30th even though the weather did not cooperate and it rained for most of the day. The garage provided sufficient shelter and many guests filled the rooms of the house to capacity as locating outdoors was out of the question. Kevin fired up his gas heater in the garage so that party goers were kept warm. Interestingly the older crowd decided early on that the garage was the place to congregate so many old jacks were blown out of the building and forced to relocate when I cranked up AC DC and put the musical entertainment into action.  The much touted mud wrestling match between Jean Poquette Hansen and Stephanie Prevost never happened because Prevost never showed up for the contest allowing Hansen to win by default. Prevost did sneak in to the party later however after the furor over the non existent mud wrestling match died down.

    Friday June 4 was the wedding of Lee and Alicia VanLanen with the ceremony held at St. Josephs church in Oneida and the reception at the Stadium View in Ashwaubenon. A notable point in the ceremony was where the Paster gave Lee the words to the vows that he was to repeat while looking at and holding Alicia's hands. A long pause ensued and many looked on with terror in their eyes wondering if Lee was having second thoughts, too scared to speak, or a medical condition had scrambled his brain. As it turns out VanLanen was overcome with emotion and as he realized would be unable to mouth the words clearly until he gained his composure back he remained silent. While the pause caused guests to look at each other and speculate as to what was going on, it did not last long enough to take a cigarette break and the ceremony went on as planned. Later in the evening many guests were treated to Latin music selections while the usual select few from the Poquette side of the family consumed too much alcohol having a good time and paying for it later.

    The Oneida Firemen's Picnic was a great success with a record attendance at the demos. The bar was filled for most of the day and all the events went off as planned. Special thanks goes out to Tim and Joanne Lade who unselfishly gave of their time and talents at the picnic with Tim pitching in to help run the DJ booth and Joanne assisting with the pedal tractor pulls providing help with registration and recording the scores.

    A surprise 50th birthday party was held in honor of Sue Wenzel at the Hobart Town Hall on GE and Florist Dr. Saturday June 12 th. Wenzel 50 who never gained knowledge of the festivities thought she was going to a going away party for one of her sons (Blackie) girlfriend Shannon. Wenzel 50 agreed to work extra hours for the weekend so she went to dinner with her daughter April after work then was going to make a quick stop at the party before going home to rest for her next days work schedule. Food, music and fun were had by all and the 50 year old's party closed down at about 11:15. I would be remiss in my duties as a KAMR reporter if I did not point out that Welzel is 50 years old.

    Brittany Sobieck has applied and been accepted to attend college at The University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. She is pursuing the medical field and wants to be a pharmacist when she is finished. That's all the news that is news, see ya.