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June 17, 2007
       t's no secret that people like to drink beer but I would not have believed that the small crowd of people that attended the party for Alex Pickett Friday night could have drank 2 half barrels of beer.
Each half barrel of beer contains 15 gallons of product enough to serve 160 12oz. beers. Experts say that a half barrel should only be purchased if you have 150 to 200 guests and you know at least half of them are beer drinkers. This party had maybe
40 to 50 guests and there may have been about 60% that were beer drinkers, but apparently they were professional beer drinkers. The first half barrel was gone by 9 PM only 3 hours into the party. The second one took longer but by 3AM that one was spitting foam as well.

The party started around 6 with a barbecue dinner and drew family members as well as some friends of Alex, but by 10PM only the die hard family members were left and Alex's friends began to arrive ready to participate in "beer pong" a popular beer drinking game. I had planned that a number of people would migrate to the back yard and sit by the fire however the chairs in the back were never filled at any time with guests opting to stay in the front yard and be entertained by the beer pong game. A smattering of family and friends made it to 3AM but had pretty much had it by then.

Kat noted that Brittany Sobieck wearing only one flip flop was sitting with her head in her hands on top of a passed out Alex. Later when I returned from the paper route at 6AM she had made it to a hard wooden bench in the sun room and was trying to use it as a bed, the only problem was trying to fold up her 5 foot 5 inch frame on to the 4 foot bench. When I came in I immediately noticed arms and legs flailing about every few minutes in an apparent attempt to gain comfort on the limited space available. I offered a suggestion that she move to the couch in the living room which was vacant but there was no response only more writhing on the bench. As I began to ready myself for a nap I again suggested the couch as her head popped up to see who had entered the room, but again there was no response, she only gazed at me with a broad smile as if she was looking through a haze and again began the process of trying to twist her legs into the small space. In an effort to make her more comfortable I snaked her legs through the arm of the bench and rested her feet on a hassock located at the end of the bench, covered her with a blanket and removed several of the piled up pillows that were under her head. I made my way upstairs and awoke three hours later and found Brittany had finally found comfort on her make shift bed for she was still in the position I had left her.

After a short breakfast and small talk about the night before we took Alex and Courtney Cox to the airport so they could depart on their 1:35PM flight.
Alex Pickett
A small band of guests are scattered about after dinner at Alex's party.
Brittany Sobieck took a moment to speak to KAMR reporters Friday evening to remind them that the subject mentioned in last weeks NEWSLETTER is not officially her boyfriend and therefore not a candidate for the pile as mentioned in last weeks edition.
The erroneous reference which came from an unidentified source was thought to be a new boyfriend in her life however she made it clear that he is not. She elaborated stating that
his name is Steve and that his hair cut is only a Faux Hawk not the full fledged Mo Hawk as reported last week, the difference being that the sides are not shaved but only cut close to the scalp. 

According to Sobieck he is merely an acquaintance and not a boyfriend, at least for now. Several weeks ago Sobieck became disoriented while at a party and lost her flip flops, a friend brought her home and got her into her apartment and thought that was that. Sobieck managed to let herself out of the apartment into the chilly early morning air again with no shoes where she wandered around with no key to get back in. Steve found the barefoot Hobart girl trying to buzz everyone's apartment to get someone to let her in. Steve came to the aid of the girl and got her inside and settled.

Aimee Richey formerly Aimee Poquette will attend the Timber Rattler game on Saturday according to her mother Joanne Lade. Richey will by far travel the farthest to see the game coming all the way from Kentucky.

Tailgating will begin at 4 PM with the game itself beginning at 6PM. There is no control with parking so everyone is on their own concerning finding the group. Everyone should bring their own meat, buns, and drinks, several people will bring side dishes. If you have not been contacted for a side dish then don't worry everything has been already figured out. Brandon and I will each have a grill for cooking. If you have not been tapped for a side dish then you may wish to bring a snack of some kind. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Brittany Sobieck
A katandmick photo