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June 24, 2007
             fter a stunning victory by the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers over the Swing of the Quad Cities Saturday night Trixie Sobieck obviously smitten by the opposing team's players thought she walked into a candy store when she boarded the team bus in the stadium parking lot. Sobieck who made comments in the past lusting over players thought she could pick out one for herself and take him home. While she has been known in the past to favor Italian players she also has expressed interest in Columbian, and Dominican Republic players as well. At another recent Rattler game when 6 foot 4 inch Alex Liddi from San Remo, Imperia, Italy came to bat she was so taken back she could be heard mumbling in a soft tone "He's coming home with me" with glazed eyes and a dazed look on her face.

Security people strongly suggested we get her out of the bus before she gets in trouble.  She seemed satisfied and left the bus when I told her they had to get going.

In all 24 people attended the game with one no show. Tail gating was successful with two small grills going and plenty of food and beverages. Space was limited though with parking lot people insisting we take no more parking spaces for tail gating and confine ourselves to the rows between cars. Trixie and Kevin brought their tent and it worked well.

New to this years game attendance was Jeanie Zeitlow and her husband George and son (name unknown but he looks a lot like Ben Hansen).
Z was in the right place at the right time when the tickets were available so she snapped them up. When asked what she thought about hanging with the gang she immediately lit up and said she was impressed and plans on purchasing tickets for this years much touted Turkey

Z's husband a bit withdrawn from the event did not seem as enthusiastic and made no commitment one way or the other on Turkey Bowl. It seemed no amount of alcohol influenced his opinion on the matter, as he could be seen downing copious amounts of malted beverages through out the evening.

Also new to the group was Sam Schmunkey a rookie in last years Turkey Bowl.  Schmunkey and
Jeanie Zeitlow
her brother Jason came together, however not all Schmunkey's were in attendance,  Jason's wife Stacie remained at home caring for their infant child "baby Schmunkey."
Sam Schmunkey
TOP: Trixie sees the bus
LOWER: She boards the bus and begins her selection
Sam Schmunkey when pressed for answers as to whether she will again play in the Turkey Bowl was tight lipped and gave little indication as to her intentions.

The highly touted sister of the TB VI MVP showed little glitz in last years game and did not stand out as the threat as promised.

It was thought that the long 1 game winning streak for the Red Gobblers in 05 allowed the Schmunkey's to become complacent and accounted for their poor performance in 06. With both teams hungry for the much touted Mary Poquette award this year's Turkey Bowl promises to be a real battle.

As in years past the Dan VanLanen home will again be the gathering spot for the 4th of July celebration. This years event will sport fireworks, food and fun.
Peg and Dan VanLanen
Kat and Trixie plan to spend most of their time talking shop with Dan's friend Chuck, a recent hire at the Wal-Mart. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
A katandmick photo