Games, and short videos, along with some web-cams
Featured on the Fox News Channel for the video "diplomacy"
Catman Erv takes kids fishing and he needs your help!
If you have any fishing gear you can spare, Erv will find
a kid who will use it and love it. Give your old gear to a good home and make a kid happy. Erv is looking to expand his dream and is looking for larger donations if you can do it, perhaps one of your older boats needs a good home, it's tax deductable!
Local Green Bay News as well as show listings. The home of the Jerry Bader show.
All about the biggest rock concert in the northern part of Wisconsin, Rockfest. Camp BOB 25 shares it's photos of the camp as well as other camps. Interesting people and decorations. If you are a regular vistor to Rockfest share some photos. Also has a link to the official Rockfest site.
From software to games to wav files, its all free here.
A large data base of misheard song lyrics as well as what the correct lyrics are. Some of these are really funny.
See the daily Dilbert cartoon on this website along with a lot of clever games and other Dilbert stuff. If you love Dilbert cartoons in the paper your going to love this web-site too!
Keep up on the latest happenings at the Oneida Fire Dept. Fire prevention programs, equipment, as well as fundraising events are covered.
Its all about trains, AMTRAK and VIA Rail included. Many nice photos and some train stories as well as the latest train news.
Just cause he lives in Viking country doesn't mean that isn't still a Packer fan. Scott Pickett (editors nephew) has some great sounds, photos, and jokes on this interesting site. Vote in his weekly poll, check it out.
Want to know how much a loaf of bread sold for on your birthday? How much was a gallon of gas then? Find out here.
Interesting animation as well as some cool audio downloads. I believe Brian (nephew of the editor) is not a fan of AOL as can be seen on his header.
This is the online version of the popular newspaper known for original satire. Very funny, indeed.