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March 4, 2001
Oneida, WI.  Well it's been somewhat of an uneventful week this week, last Sunday an interesting happened though, when we were at Mass on Sunday Kat was ready to receive communion when Father George said "the body of Christ" to her and of course the standard reply is AMEN, well I don't know what she was thinking or if she was confused but her reply was "Thank You". She told this to Joanie and I on the way home from church and we laughed about it all the way home.
Kat, says "Thank You" when receiving the host
Of course Friday night was chicken night and the Sobieck's the Tremels and the Picketts all met at Cliff and Ceils for a meal. Most of us had fish because of Lent thus voiding the Chicken Night norm.
Some how the subject of child birth came up and how hard it is to give birth, then out of the clear blue Scott, who was either trying to make points with the Poquette girls or just trying to make points with Judy, pipes up and says"bearing children is a badge of honor we could never wear." I immediately thought what's that all about, he's gonna ruin it for all of us. We as men must never allow women to think that they have anything over us by bearing children, that their pain during child birth is any thing over and above what we as men have experienced. The minute this happens they have won, and they will never let us forget it, so men don't ever acknowledge that child birth is anything more then what we experience at work every day, and if we were bearing children it would be just another day at work and that same pain we put up with every day there.
    Spring is in the air and training has begun for the Bellin Run 2001. I started running and am up to my usual two miles, however I have a long way to go and a lot of training to do to get up to the six miles that this event is. Judy has agreed to run with me in the event, but she is unsure if she can run the entire six miles, (you'd think anybody that experienced child birth twice would be able to do a little six mile run.) So if she can't do it she will be left in my dust. I remember my Triathlon years when I would run 12 miles, swim 4 miles, then bike 24 miles and that was all before breakfast. Then I still didn't get to eat breakfast because I was 40 miles from home. I would then usually find small game, kill it with my bare hands and cook it over an open fire I started with twigs and flint, I learned all that stuff when I lived with Aussie bushmen.
    Rock-Fest will be announcing their line up this week and they have let out a few teasers to the Kat and Mick Report. Air Supply will be returning as will Skynard and for the first time Jethro Tull (Sam's favorite.)
When the entire line up is released I will post it on the party page.
    I'm saving up to purchase a scanner so I can put more photo's on the site. I figure if I make two benches it will pay for the scanner, so I gotta go work on them now.
   Have a good week. Mike
March 10, 2001
Oneida, WI. - There is much to report this week in the newsletter, starting off with Alissa who will be returning to work on Monday morning usual starting time, after her birthing experience. As you will remember as reported in the KAT AND MICK REPORT on Jan.28 a son was born to Kevin and Alissa on Jan 24, 2001, everyone is doing fine and we wish them well.
It was learned at the weekly "Fat Club" meeting usually held on Thursday that Judy and Scott will be purchasing a side of beef, yum. The weekly meeting was held this week at the
Royal Scott Mansion recently purchased by Rick and Stephanie. All the family members who are used to living in squallier were truly impressed by it's magnificence.
    I was concerned about the Kat who was having trouble hearing and asked Shelly to come over and take a look in her ears as I was afraid she may have had ear mites, as it turned out she only had a build up of wax and needed to have them blown out with water. While it took several hundred gallons to complete the process, I felt it was money well spent to have the Kat purring once again.
    Here is late breaking news from Las Vegas, John and Lisa have broken up and Lisa has moved out, as of press time Lisa has made no attempt to move back into Johns life or his house. More on this late breaking story as facts become available to the KAT AND MICK REPORT. Another news worthy item from Las Vegas is the death of Johns long time friend John Glore. Mr. Glore who was a friend to John for some 20 years passed away Wed. March 7, at 6:30 AM.
    Here is a fact that I don't understand, Peter who I always thought had stock in the Bunn Coffee Pot Co. does not own one or even have one in his own house! Here in Wisconsin we have been subjected to lecture upon lecture on the benefits of the Bunn and today he disclosed to the KAT AND MICK REPORT that he doesn't even own one himself. Oh the hypocrisy, shame on Peter, his java is made in a very modest Mr. Coffee, Speed Brew pot which takes in excess of ten minutes to make. We have all heard Peter speak of the three minute Bunn coffee as if he invented the pot himself, now to find out that he himself does not believe in the fast coffee causes me to look at Peter in a different light now, while my approval rating for him is still high he has lost some of my respect.
    If you have not been to the Editorial / Opinion page lately then skip over there and check out the new editorial. Also look at the March birthdays on the home page. If your birthday is in April then send me the date and a photo and we will get it in the birthday corner.
See you next week. Mike
promotes but doesn't use the Bunn himself
Devin, who like all new born babies looks like a baby gorilla
March 18, 2001
Oneida, WI. - News and facts are dribbling in about the property exchange as the result of the death of John's long time friend John Glore. It seems that Peter was paid a visit by Mr. Glores daughter, and the purpose was to inform him that she was now the owner of the tubular aluminum structure which is now Peter's current domicile. I can only assume that the reason for that was to have new checks drawn in her name. For what ever reason this seems to put John out of the rent collection picture completely.
    Friday night of course was chicken night at Cliff and Ceils and the old stand by's didn't even go, but new participants Joanie and Tim Lade as well as Bunky and Peggy were on hand along with Judy and Scott and The Kat and I. Trixie and Kevin, and Jean Poquette Hansen, who made chicken night famous were not on hand. Their excuses seemed flimsy, but were acceptable just the same
Joanie and Tim, newcomers to Chicken Night.
Brandon and his female companion of 1.7 years are going into the retail business together. Jody and her Mom and Brandon are going to be opening a second hand clothing store in the little strip mall where Henry's Music and Viands are located. Their shop will be located directly north of the Mayflower restaurant. They will deal mainly with used clothes but may have some jewelry on consignment from customers who bring in their unused items from their jewelry box. I am making the counter and going to build some dressing rooms in the store and Brandon would like to open on April 1, although Jody says they will never make it. They have many if not only name brand clothes in their store and have a great stock built up from visiting rummage sales. Jody's mom takes pride in being the first one at those sales and snapping up all the name brand clothing. They plan to run the store themselves and will be open on weekends if anyone wants to visit. I will announce their grand opening in the KAT AND MICK REPORT.
    If you've made it this far then you have already seen the new home page, check out the photo of the week by clicking on the photo on the home page for a  bigger picture. New photos will be added to the party page from Shelly's wedding soon and some vintage photos may soon appear due to the fact that the KAT AND MICK REPORT now has the capability to scan photos. See you next week.
March 25, 2001
Oneida,  WI. - Health problems develop for Earl Poquette Jr. On Tues. March 20 Earl was admitted to the hospital complaining of chest pains and trouble breathing, Earl insists that it is only a cold but doctors at the hospital took no chances and placed him on Nitro. After all was said and done Earl wound up with a headache from the nitro and the doctors couldn't find anything else wrong, so on Thursday he was discharged  with the same cold he went in with. So much for modern medicine.

Earl Poquette Jr. insists he only has a cold
    Things are heating up in the town of Hobart (site of the Turkey Bowl and Poquette Field) as election time draws near. It seems many people are upset with the town board and their actions lately, particularly some Tribal members who have decided at this late date to run for the offices as write in candidates.
Every town office in Hobart has a Tribal member running for it as a write in candidate, although it is not known to The Kat and Mick Report how much grass roots support there is for this movement it will make this election interesting to say the least. Here at the The Kat and Mick Report we believe that the unhappiness with the Town Board stems from their actions leading up to the installation of their own police dept. It is felt by many town residents that the hiring of three officers and the purchase of a squad car as well as the construction of a court room and the hiring of a Judge is a bit much for a small township.
It seems to this writer that the officials of the Town of Hobart are so interested in pleasing the special interests of developers and corrupt Brown Co. officials that they have forgotten the people they were elected to serve. Perhaps the election of some Tribal members to the Town Board would bring a different prospective more suitable to the people, but maybe not as cooperative to the special interest groups.
    It seems our little leprechaun Stephanie had made a spectacle of her self yet one more time. An unnamed source tells The Kat and Mick Report after barfing in the drive through lane of and East side Taco Bell, she was taken home to the palatial Royal Scott Mansion where she spent the rest of the evening on the floor in front of the porcelain statue. This all happened before 10:30 PM!

Here's what we know so far about the royal rampage, Stephanie met with friends at Harry the Hipsters bar on Broadway in Green Bay. This is where she goes astray, she starts the evening by drinking  the drink of the evening at Harry's which is a green lemon lime mixture referred to in a slang
term meaning, the urine of leprechauns. As if not to be out done on her birthday she also consumed many birthday shots, at this point she was way past the glow stage and into the, losing your inhibitions stage. Now the Bartender was giving away prizes and Stephanie was an eager participant, for a candy necklace she did thirteen jumping jacks in the corner, but when the bartender held up a pair of handcuffs Stephanie squealed so loud so long he had no choice but to give them to her outright! Apparently Stephanie was so out of  control that she left the bar handcuffed to Rick who cut her off and dragged her to the car. The plan was to grab some food at Toxic Hell then on to the Bar East, but after leaving her mark on the parking lot Rick thought that going home may be better then another bar. We don't know what did her in the leprechaun urine or the shots but its clear to the writer that Stephanie needs more practice in the art of Irish Cheer.

    Don't forget next week is April, and if you want your birthday in the birthday corner send a picture and an e-mail with date and complete name before 8 PM next Saturday. Mike
Stephanie loses her inhibitions at Harry the Hipsters