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May 21, 2006
            fter nearly 70 years of working at American Medical Security Joanne Lade has decided to seek employment elsewhere. Lade who worked for the company in an open field even before the building was built some 26 years ago gave her notice on Wednesday leaving little to the imagination as to why she was leaving one of the leading insurance corporations in the United States. Many jobs have been eliminated and downgraded since the company was purchased by Google and Joanne's job, legal insubordination, was one of those jobs that was eliminated.
A few employees who have seen the jobs being eliminated one by one have developed nervous twitches since the job reorganization has started hoping that they are not the next ones to be given an invitation to sit in the pit of despair and handle hundreds of
claims on a daily basis. Lade who considered giving notice on her last day of work later realized that

such an abrupt ending to her situation would
excuse co-workers from planning a going away party complete with many cheap and tawdry gifts. Lade then compromised and gave 72 hours notice, just enough time to find a bar to reserve for a Friday evening.

Lades new job begins Monday at Humana Insurance, again doing legal insubordination. Lade will be working at the downtown location at Madison and Main Streets giving her ample opportunity to ride the 16 Bus to work everyday. She is to report to the headquarters in De Pere however for the first two days for disorientation training. Lade reports she will be making substantially more money at Humana then the job she had at AMS doing menial claims work. Dan VanLanen also employed by Humana is expected to show Lade around and get her acquainted with the building as well as teach her the finer points of what to look for concerning employees shoplifting office supplies from the stock room.

Saturday was the day chosen by Oneida Fire Dept. and the Green Bay High Riders for their annual mud runs at the Oneida Fire Dept. grounds N. 6611 County H Oneida. The weather for the most part was acceptable except for a few showers late in the afternoon. The event was even attended by our own Justin Sobieck and Dick Poquette. Trouble with the equipment that lines up the vehicles at the starting line was blamed for the slow progression of the race with fans reporting delays as long as 45 minutes. Some fans found the delay totally unacceptable and openly complained to staff working the parking lots and gates to the grounds demanding their admission back. Sobieck and Poquette left the event after one hour with Poquette commenting that the event was boring.

The beagle known as Baxter belonging to Jean Poquette Hansen seems to be confused when wildly popular "Ask the Kat" columnist Kat is present in the room forgetting which look alike sister is his master. Sadly the aging dog approaches the Kat with his wet nose in her lap only to be admonished by the feline for mistaking her as his master. Poquette Hansen then calls the dog by her favorite surname "Bastard" who then realizes after a second look who his real master is.
                                            continued in next column
Joanne Lade
The pet in the early stages of K-9 Alzheimer's  was liberated from the dog pound by Jean Poquette Hansen hours before his scheduled execution but not before his ability to reproduce was augmented which Poquette Hansen paid for dearly.
Look alike sisters Jean Poquette Hansen and the Kat confuse family pet
Dear Kat;  I have a friend, a journalist that is obsessed with Podcasts. Every time I want to be alone with him on his sons paper route he inundates me with podcasts. I would like to reminisce about train trips we have taken and talk about locomotives and stuff without the distraction of other people or podcasting. I guess everyone has their favorite entertainment but why should I have to listen to his podcasts all the time. God knows I love Regis and Kelly but I don't make him watch their shows when he comes over here.

Signed; Dell Gateway

Answer: Dear Dell; By the way you phrased your opening statement I can only assume this journalist it the only friend you have. Your expression of being alone with him while driving off the competition is beginning to sound a little Broke Back Moutainish if you know what I mean. Assuming that your intentions are wholesome I will proceed with my award winning advice. I don't know if your a up on computers, I consider myself an expert. The phenomenon of podcasting is a relatively new and I'm sure your friend's infatuation with this new form of communication will taper off at some point to a trickle thus leaving you guys to discuss your boring topics once again. Unless of course he puts his hand on your knee.
Last weeks article contained a story about Joyce Perock's daughter Christina Byrne. The spelling of her last name Bern was incorrect and should have been Byrne.

            ith travel plans firmed up a month ago Tim Lade kissed his wife Joanie good bye Saturday morning and left to go through the security screeners at Austin Struabel Field. Joanie did an about face and made her exit after the tearful departure while Tim took a piece of wadded up paper toweling he had saved in his pocket from the men's room and wiped his face clean of the tell tale lip gloss Joanie graciously left on his cheek during the good bye process. Lade, a veteran flier was not at all concerned about the cross country trip to Las Angeles and stayed up partying with his dad Bud  while Joanie slept knowing he would have at least 3 hours to catch up on his Z's. The two spent the night in the Lade kitchen by the table laughing, singing and telling stories while they consumed generous portions of alcohol. When the night was through they killed a bottle of tequila and started on a bottle of scotch when Joanie awoke and told Tim he had better get ready, his flight was leaving in two hours. They arrived at the airport by 5 AM but only
after staving off Bud who had by this time talked himself in to going along with his son and drinking buddy Tim.  Joanie reminded Bud, 89 about his medical conditions and finally talked him into going to bed telling him that when he wakes up it will be Tuesday and Tim will already be back home. Knowing that Tim would be back when he
woke up seemed to be enough for Bud to accept staying home in his own bed but he baulked at the idea of going right to bed before he did his nightly routine of 50 sit ups before retiring for the evening.

Upon arrival at LAX Lade telephoned his wife via his personal cell phone device informing her of his safe arrival and that he would be renting a vehicle and driving to his daughter, Katie's home. Joanie who had just finished a round of golf at Shorewood with 3 friends gave a sigh of relief and punched a hole in a fresh can of beer with one of her incisors while demonstrating how to pick up a golf ball with her cleavage. While in L A Tim has asked Katie to help him find a personal spotlight device fitted especially for Joanie which he has been unable to locate in the Green Bay area.

A vacation that has been planned for weeks, Dick and Cleen have now returned from Clarksville and another motorcycle journey is under their belt. Riding side by side with Dave the couple had logged the usual amount of miles in the week long visit with stops here and there for food and fuel. 

Of course what else could she say after quitting a job and moving to a new employer, of course we would be hearing that she likes her job. Although Lade has not gotten down to the meat and potatoes of the job as yet she has already made some calls and used her years of training and expirence to woo the management at Humana who have been watching her style and work habits. As predicted Lade did meet up with Dan VanLanen at the De Pere facility where Lade did her orentation in, where else but the lunch room. Lade says that VanLanen did not tip Lade off as to who and where the office supply shoplifters are but as she was leaving the room she did hear VanLanen telling a co-worker to "watch out for that one." This no doubt a reference to Lades overzellious use of erasers, you can't keep a thing like that quiet. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Tim Lade in LA
I'm taking a week off to tidy up a cluttered spot in my garage. I can't get to sleep if I know there's something out of place in my house. See you next week with an all new Ask the Kat.
Cleen Dick return from Clarksville
Joanne Lade claims to like new job
May 28, 2006