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May 6, 2007
           n what professional wedding goers describe as "nearly maxed out" so was the shelter of The Hobart Four Seasons Park for the Poquette-Richey wedding of Aimee and Chris. The Shelter which is designed to accommodate 100 people had, at times standing room only unless of course you wanted to sit next to strangers. While the bride and groom seem to have had fun I must say it is the only wedding I've attended where the bride waited on guests and the groom bussed tables. The Richey's guessed that the affair was attended nearly 100% compared to the number of invitations sent with only a few exceptions such as one member of the "Tim Lade X-Wives Club."

While seating arrangements were adequate the atmosphere in the building can only be described as annoying with the noise level from normal conversation of guests across the room drowning out what people next to you were saying. The building is an acoustical disaster, a design flaw rendering the facility almost unusable where a large number of people are required to remain inside due to weather conditions, needless to say the music was hardly noticeable most of the night as organizers and guests alike were trying to escape the noise fatigue. The many hard surfaces such as the floor, walls, windows and ceiling combined with the vaulted ceiling design created the "echo chamber" effect which is inescapable in the structure. As a positive feature the building does have a nice large kitchen and huge bathrooms.

The food which was catered in by Renard Catering was delicious with an ample supply. An abundance of food left over left Tim Lade wondering if the Caterer may have oversold a bit. Liquid refreshments were plentiful with your choice of wine, beer or soft drinks of various varieties.

Many people traveled great distances to come to the celebration with people from as far as Florida attending. I know of one couple that drove from Tomahawk WI and still others that drove from Pulaski. As the festivities drew to a close the bride and groom along with the Lade's gathered tables and chairs to return them to the proper places and began the process of cleaning the facility, guests that lingered were pressed into service as well helping the wedding party clean up.

Former craft queen Trixie Sobieck can't get enough of Wal-Mart with since she has started there last week. Sobieck whose knees are nearly pain free since starting the new job says she loves dealing with the public and has already been pressed into service taking inventory when there is no greeting to do in the garden department.
The Richey's take a break from their serving duties to cut the cake.
Sobieck who has never held a steady job since high school was a bit skittish at first wondering if she could adapt to working for an employer in stead of working from home, but she reports she has made the transition without a problem and is looking forward to new opportunities at the store.  Sobieck has Eileen on her name tag as the store does not allow nick names to be used on the official Wal-Mart badge.

With the impending wedding to a Southern Belle and the need to relocate to a house closer to both of their employment locations Dave "Peter" Poquette has sold his home in the Tennessee city of Clarksville to make way for the move. Poquette has graciously accepted the offer from his bride to be to bunk in at her home until a suitable facility can be located. At this time the couple lives miles apart with Alex actually living in the state of Kentucky.
Poquette says the plan actually is to move into a home which they have yet to purchase closer to each of their employment locations, but where that will be is still a mystery.

The aging truck driver spoke to THE NEWSLETTER last week
in a phone interview but did not reveal the sale had been completed as of yet. Reports of the sale came through conversations between Poquette's brother Richard and his sister Cheryl. The wedding is scheduled to take place in January. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Dave Poquette
A katandmick photo