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May 20, 2007

Brittany Sobieck who a few weeks ago celebrated her birthday with NEWSLETTER readers is flying down the back streets this Sunday morning on her velocipede fulfilling her promise to put on miles for donations for diabetes research. Sobieck who says she has not yet biked the actual 25 miles in practice is confident that she can do it and feels she has done at least 20 miles several times in the past. Sobieck: "Trust me no vehicle will be picking me up off the side of the road and taking me to the finish line."
was outed the first time for not turning a corner the correct way according to the DOT examiner.
sticker at the bottom is directly connected to the Ride For the Arts web site and is not altered by this publication at all, updates come directly from their site. That race will be held June 3rd and Brittany is still accepting sponsors for donations. If you are interested in contributing to that cause click the link on the sticker below or send money directly to her at 2575 N. Stowell Ave. Apt. F Milwaukee WI

Sobieck pledged for the bike run and gave all of the money she received from her birthday party to the fund. She had met her goal and then some as seen on her personal fundraising page. Click here to see it.

Cougar Sobieck finally has been granted a license to drive by the State Of Wisconsin. The third time was a harm for the would be golf pro. Sobieck who traveled to distant destinations in Wisconsin to take the test
Brittany Sobieck
Because of scheduling problems with testing and failing the road test twice, Sobieck an aspiring golf pro was forced to sit out this years golf season at West De Pere High School due to lack of reliable transportation. Sobieck's
mother now a Wal-Mart
employee was unable to commit to transporting Cougar to and from outings because of interference to her work shift. With Kevin working out of town most of the time Cougar considered riding one of his bastardized bicycles to and from tournaments for a moment but decided against it in the end for lack of a place to carry his golf bag. That left Justin the only driver for Cougar to depend on. Realizing that Justin would have no time left after tending to Janel's needs, and planning and implementing all the arrangements for their impending wedding in 2010, plus the added responsibility of tidying up their basement apartment Cougar decided to sit out this year's golf tournaments. Sobieck is not sure how the lack of activity on the course will affect his game.

Once again I'd like to remind readers about the ball game June 23 rd. It's a night game beginning at 6:35 PM and seating is on the third base side right behind the box seats but they are reserved bleacher seats. There will be fireworks after the game and we are planning a tail gate party before the game starts. Tickets are $6.50 ea. If you would like to get in on this call me at 869-2368 and let me know how many tickets you are looking for, or leave a message on the machine. You can e-mail me at as well. If you are already on the list for the correct number of tickets then disregard this. Click here to check the list. That's all the news that is news see ya.
Logan "Cougar" Sobieck
Mistakenly some NEWSLETTER readers were under the impression that the fundraising sticker at the bottom of this page was the direct reflection of all fundraising efforts and were upset when it was not updated after the birthday party. Let's set the record straight. The