Feb. 18, 2001
ONEIDA WI.- Here is a developing story we are reporting on Rick and Stephanie in their generous spirit have purchased the Royal Scott mansion on the Royal Scott Golf Course. The word is that all Poquette family functions in the future will be held at the mansion, all events held in the temperate seasons will include as many rounds of golf as you can stand. The Kat and Mick Report supports the generous hearts of Rick and Stephanie, what a kind gesture that these two show the family.


Guests that have a long way to travel may stay in one of the 17 Victorian style bedrooms, if you don't feel like dressing for breakfast just tell Wilbert (chief of services and butler) and he will have the kitchen staff serve you breakfast in bed. The purchase price of 6.2 Million dollars includes the golf course but does not cover memberships in the club. Rick and Stephanie have employed their dads as caddy's and would be glad to carry our bags, while Ricks Mom runs the pro-shop and could custom fit you for clubs.  This may seem like a lot of money to you and I but according to Rick he says "now that I'm a journeymen plumber a couple extra Saturdays here and there and before you know it we'll have it paid for and we'll be borrowing money to build a guest house."

    We at the Kat and Mick Report were thoroughly saddened and upset by the death of Mary Poquette owner of the Red Gobblers, and original architect of the XPFL. Once again however, it is proven that even in sadness good things can happen, at the funeral lunch a deal was struck with Aaron to assume custody of Boris (the lizard.) A couple of weeks ago Boris latched on to Alex's' hand and wouldn't let go, that was the clincher, Boris was on the block after that incident. On Feb. 12 Boris went to a new home. Now the bed room is available to all again, in the past Boris was able to "free range" the room thus making it off limits to everyone else.
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Feb. 25, 2001
ONEIDA, WI.  Here's a shocker I learned just the other day Peggy Kamke is a Democrat. You know who she is, Bunky's female friend. I learned this in a casual conversation while they were standing in the kitchen getting ready to leave, she wouldn't actually say it, but I knew. Her excuse is "Republicans are for big business." To this I say So What? If it were not for big business, where would we be today, it was big business that developed our country, it's big business that's responsible for employing most of the people in this country. I don't really know if she voted for the Capital Hillbillies, Bill and Hillary, but I think she did vote for Al Gore which means she still needs working on.
    What about that accident that killed Ernheart eh. I think NASCAR should ban concrete walls on the track and go to wooden picket fences as an alternative. Just think no more fatalities from drivers hitting the wall, and no damage to the car from the picket fence. Sure a few hundred fans may be killed each year, but those are only the ones who sit up front and there's plenty more where they came from. Running over people does very little damage to the car and is a nice cushioned stop for the driver, so the car will be able to be winched out and have the body parts scraped off the bottom then its back out on the track. If  NASCAR does consider this and it comes to happen don't forget you heard about it first from THE KAT AND MICK REPORT.
    Of course the big news for the week would be Shelly and Joel's'  shower and I don't mean the kind they take in the bathroom, I mean their wedding shower. It was held in the Hobart Town Hall and the turnout was good. Everyone chipped in and brought something for food, and everyone got it right except for Jean Poquette Hansen, or as she would like to be called Princess Jean Poquette Hansen. It seems the Princess couldn't remember the right kind of chips to bring, she was told to bring taco chips but brought regular wavy chips instead. Trixie found these unacceptable and quickly rushed them to the back room where they couldn't be seen. Trixie and Darla organized and served the food and did an excellent job. Darla also was saddled with double duty as she was also in charge of getting shelly beautiful for the event. I spoke to Darla about that she told me that it took a long time to get her  cleaned up for showing, I do believe it did, because I rode by Darlos' Sheer Dementia shop late in the afternoon on Saturday and she was still working on the poor girl. Princess Jean Poquette Hansen won a huge margarita glass and a big bottle of mixer and many door prizes were given out and Joel and Shelly Trivia was played for prizes as well. I won a bottle of wine (which I'm sure was rigged in my honor) that was from the Three Lakes Winery and corkscrew, I guess my bottle opening ingenuity at Christmas time must have left an impression. Thanks for the wine whoever was behind this, it will be good. I was forced to play some goat ropin tunes for Zeus and the Sobieck crowd wanted some polkas all in all I think my equipment is still in good shape, I would like to say thanks to Sarah for finding music for me and filling in the open spots, and keeping me company. By the way someone tell Zeus that I have her Rock Jams CD and it's not lost, and even though it's not lost yet, I will be losing her Dixie Chicks CD. The weather was bad,  you know that "wintry mix" and most everyone left early (I prefer to think the goat ropin tunes did it) and I was playing Happy Trails by 11:30. LEAKERS! But I think fun was had by all and we all had a free meal, life is good. Photos will be published on this website on the Party-page when the film gets developed so watch for that.
    Alex won a THIRD PLACE trophy in the weight lifting competition at Green Bay East High School on Saturday and had a dead lift of 405 lbs. He benched 245 lbs. and squatted 350 lbs. Five schools participated in the event with Green Bay East dominating all events, I wonder where those judges were from?
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NOVEMBER 22   2001