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November 3, 2002
    Joe, the patriarch of the Sobieck family, is on his way to a swift recovery after a hip replacement. The elder Sobieck was ailing for some time after working nearly a lifetime in the construction field.
Still in the construction business after moving up to the Land-o-Lakes area, Sobieck decided to get the surgery done to improve his life style. Now doing mostly finish work, Sobieck has a more laid back approach with the construction company he is working for now. After speaking with Sobiecks daughter Darla, it was learned that he came through the
surgery with flying colors and that he was on his feet and walking only a day later. Once the recovery period is behind him, Joe can resume his rigorous hobby lifestyle of mountain climbing and water skiing and maybe even a trip to Spain to run with the bulls!
    Infection Control Products held a special grand opening gala on Friday Nov. 1 for their new warehouse. The owners will dedicate the 20,000 plus square foot building later this month in a formal private ceremony. ICP grew from a small two-person company in the basement of a home to a multi-million dollar operation employing dozens of people in a newly constructed building built to their specifications. The new construction more then doubles the size of the building on Yaeger Dr. on the east side of Green Bay. Brandon Pickett who agreed to help the struggling company with sales four years ago is proud to see what has happened with the company. Pickett who expects to double sales again within the next three years will soon be moving to his own private office, but plans to keep in constant communication with his assistants. ICP sell latex gloves and dental supplies.
    Once again the annual Halloween party at Dick and Cleen's was a success with a fair number of people in attendance.
Attendance was down a bit with some people being sick, working, or just out of the loop. The best costume went to Bunky and Peggy Pickett with second prize to Miss Piggy. All and all a short night with everything wrapped up by 12:30.
    Recently Lola Sobieck accidentally locked herself into the mental ward at the hospital, after several hours in a
straight jacket with shock treatments and looking at inkblots she was released. The doctor who psycho analyzed her said there was no known treatment for her condition. Sobieck who was known to have worked on the Nixon campaign has been somewhat disturbed since Nixon resigned as president.
   Kevin Sobieck has worked for one week at Immel Construction and already is wondering why he stayed at Schuch Construction so long. With a noticeable improvement in working conditions and an attitude by the employer that shows more of an interest in the employee, Kevin is quite happy.

    With voting now closed and the selection made the new Chicken Night gathering place will now be Players in Packerland Drive. Friday November 8th will be the first time the new home will be used. A formal dedication with a ceremony by the Queen will be held at a later date. An announcement and details will be in THE KAT AND MICK REPORT when the date is set.

    That's all the news that is news, see ya.

November 10, 2002
    Now that Chicken Night has a new home the dedication for the new location will be formally held this Friday night, November 15th at Players, 2571 Packerland Dr. The Queen is expected to be on hand as well as her royal family.
Formal ceremonies that are scheduled are, ale drinking, a speech by the Queen formally declaring Players the new Chicken Night, ale drinking, a banquet of chicken or menu items, ale drinking, photo opportunities of the Queen, ale drinking, games of chance, and ale drinking. Try to make it out for a night you won't forget for a long time.
    There is still no word on a baby springing from the loins of Stephanie Prevost. The due date is today, November 10, 2002. Rick now realizing there could be a scheduling
conflict when labor starts never knew that labor could last hours or even days. He had a preconceived notion that the impregnated women went to the hospital popped out the baby and it was over, never realizing that a long ritual of pain and pushing was involved in the process. The baby who is expected to have no hair
and a big head will be arriving some time this week however, doctors have told the expectant mother that it would be taken by force if necessary before the end of the week.
    Brace yourself if you are a resident of Hobart for more taxes next year. The Village President Len Teresinski has announced that the Village is looking at purchasing the Thornberry Creek Golf Course. When two developers working together, the town of Hobart constructed the course bonded the group to complete the development. Now one of the developers wants out and that allows the Village to purchase the project as stipulated in the bond issue contract. If the Village does not purchase the course the development would go up for public sale, allowing the Oneida Tribe or any one else for that matter to purchase the golf course and associated land and buildings. Teresinski who does not want the tribe to have it is pushing for Village ownership. When asked at the board meeting if this would be a good issue to be put to referendum Teresinski replied that "the issue was voted on by the town when the bond issue was enacted and there will be no further vote". This is the typical arrogant attitude from the Village President of Hobart. His whole life is spent pandering to the developers of Thornberry Creek and the residents around it and he could care less about the original property owners in Hobart. When the election occurs for the Village President we would encourage a formidable candidate to step forward and eject Mr. Teresinski from his throne.
    Thanks to everyone who voted for Becky Weber, she soundly defeated Lee Meyerhoffer in the 5th Assembly district on Tuesday November 5th.  If Weber does what she said when campaigning, she will propose a plan to lower taxes and meet the State budget as well as some much need insurance reform in Wisconsin. Meyerhoffer who agreed that taxes should be lower had no plan however. It is however; unfortunate however that Doyle was elected a proven tax and spend Democrat truly will make the financial situation we are in in Wisconsin even worse. I know this is not the fault of the people in Northeastern Wisconsin, as the numbers show McCallum was defeated by a two to one margin in Milwaukee. Even worse is the Lt. Governor who hails from Green Bay, a member of the National Organization of Women and an admitted citizen activist.

    That's all the news that is news, see ya.

November 17, 2002
     With added food and liquor on hand to accommodate the anticipated crowds attending the formal Chicken Night dedication at Players plans to offer free food and drink for those attending the first occurrence of Chicken Night were abandoned when no one showed up to the event. Even with reporters on hand from THE KAT AND MICK REPORT regular attendants of the Chicken Night ritual boycotted the weekly event, possibly resisting the new gathering spot or it's proprietors.  Even the much anticipated visit of the Queen to the new C/N gathering spot was cancelled when J.P. Hansen decided to visit a friend instead of fulfilling her royal duties in the new headquarters.  A disappointed staff sat motionless with head in hands muttering "why don't they come?" Kat and Mick reporters were treated to the free food and drink intended for those who would attend the dedication at the insistence of Players staffers citing their gratefulness to the news media willing to cover the non event as it were. The staff who was disappointed to say the least now wonders what will happen to the establishment now that Chicken Night regulars thumb their nose at them hoping that this condemnation does not generate too much bad publicity forcing a closure of the once destined Chicken Night meeting place. Dan Lacount, manager of Players, could not be reached for comment on the non-event.
    If you love keeping track of the day to day goings on in the British Royal Family as much as I do, then you must be appalled by the latest in what seems to be great turnaround by Princess Diana's butler Paul Burrel. 
.  Burrel described as the most loyal of servants has now sold his story to the paparazzi with chapters of steamy love affairs and how he helped smuggle lovers into Diana's chambers. This is all very disconcerting for a servant of royalty to be speaking this way to the press, not to mention the damage caused to the royal family by this tripe spewing from the mouth of Burrel. The same man who was found to be innocent of any theft of Diana's personnel belongings now intends to do as much damage to the throne as possible, even after the Queen 

herself handed over the convincing evidence of Burrel's innocence. This traitor who once was Diana's loyal personnel servant should be banished from England, and perhaps sent to a foreign land to live amongst commoners, not to the colony's either.
    Rick and Stephanie Prevost are proud to announce the arrival of their new family member, Bailey James who arrived on Wed. November 13, 2002.
The child, who looks like a baby gorilla, was put on display in the hospital behind large glass windows so that people could file by and sneak a peek at the newborn. Statistics such as height and weight are unavailable and were lost by the parents
before they could be forwarded to the K&M Report.
    With Turkey Bowl only a little over a week away team mates pray every night before they retire of bringing home the trophy. The annual game, which attracts crowds from near and far, is promising to be entertaining again this year. The weather, which is highly unpredictable, this time of year as ranged from snow to highs in the high 50's in past years. 
THE KAT AND MICK REPORT is keeping an eye on the weather for you and will advise the proper attire for the game. All indications are that it will be clear and sunny but cooler with highs in the low 40's. That is fine weather for football! Tell your friends to
spend the day at "the Turkey Bowl" for a great time. One of the new attractions this year is the appearance of Tim Lade (pronounced like the word laid) in the announcing staff. Lade a former staff announcer in the military has been out of announcing service for some time, but has chosen the "Turkey Bowl"(with our permission of course) to make his comeback. It is hoped that Lade will become a staple in the announcing staff for the annual event.  That's all the news that is news, see ya.
November 24, 2002
    With Turkey Bowl now only four days away, forecasters predict a high of only 32 degrees F. for the annual football extravaganza. Winds are predicted at 10 MPH out of the West, giving little advantage for either team to score "with the wind". The only weather related advantage may lye with the Blue Jell-O's whose team has a number of players from the north and are used to colder weather then the Red Gobblers. While the 2PM kick off insures nearly the warmest temperatures of the day, spectators are sure to be bundled up as the game grinds on to a victory for one of the teams. No game thus far has gone into overtime, however the time may have come with the teams so evenly matched, as they are this year. The XPFL rules state "no Turkey Bowl game can end in a tie. Should this happen, sudden death quarters shall be played consecutively until a team scores and is declared the winner". With Poquette Field being the final hold out in the XPFL to install lights on the field, darkness would be sure to envelope us before a fifth quarter could be played, with sunset at 4:15 PM. Should this occur head official Earl Poquette Jr. would postpone the quarter to a later date to be determined by the league. The latest word is that sports columnist S. Lyle O'Connor will scout the game for up and coming football talent and is looking to do a feature story on a player should a good prospect pop up. O'Connor can be recognized by his choice of colorful outstanding attire and a malt liquor condition causing him to wander about muttering nonsense.  Once again Dave Poquette and myself will be broadcasting the game live and this year we will be joined by Tim Lade who will help Dave with color. Another new twist will be Joann Lade who will do a few selected interviews from the sideline and live reporting on injuries. This year's game is expected to be better then ever with teams expecting a challenge. Dress warmly and bring your own seating along with adult beverages of your choice. It will be cold but the weatherman says it will be dry and sunny.
    With the Village of Hobart now wishing to purchase the golf course known as Thornberry Creek, one must ask, will all the taxpayers of Hobart receive a new bag and clubs from the village should the deal actually materialize? Certainly taxes collected to pay for this would be far greater per household then the purchase price of the golf set.
With Hobart not even able to manage making a deal between Brown County and themselves for a garbage station without goofing that up one would have to ask how could they ever manage a golf course?
Furthermore, not only do they want the golf course but also the newly built clubhouse that was never in the bond issue, citing reasons that the clubhouse is the only thing that makes money. They are therefore admitting they wish to purchase an existing business that looses money. Have you ever seen a government entity that could take a business that looses money and make it profitable? More often the trend is the other way and with the buffoons who run Hobart added to the mix you could be sure that is what will happen. Citizens of Hobart need to unite and defeat this notion at a board meeting before it is non-reversible.

That's all the news tha is news, see ya.