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April 6, 2008
            t's been three years since Justin Sobieck has been packing his lunch and heading off to the Appleton division of Applied Industrial Technologies where the company has it's belt shop. Sobieck 24 had been a belt technician for the company for his entire employment but has been offered a chance to become his own boss take over and run a family business successful for over 30 years.

L & E Machine's Earl Poquette looking ahead to retirement in Hawaii has suggested the possibility to Sobieck that he carry on the tradition of a Poquette family member at the reigns of the company even after his departure from the engine rebuilding business.
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Earl Poquette Jr.  ready for Hawaii
With only the E active in the L & E name and the L long since gone from the company, Poquette was able to make the offer without conferring with any partner. Junior as he is called by some other family members started the business in the early 70's with friend and co-worker Lyle Cole.
Originally the pair began operations in an existing building in De Pere across from the Brown County Fairgrounds. After two years Cole opted out of the company and went on to manage a local parts outlet while Poquette now the sole owner went on. Property with a fairly new facility, which is the present location, became available on West Mason St. in the town of Hobart and Poquette saw fit to purchase and relocate. He opened the shop and for a while employed his brother Sam who did auto repair in the facility as well. After a few years Sam moved on to Progressive Farmers where he enjoyed the benefits of health insurance and the auto repair was discontinued. The shop housed only the engine rebuilding for a couple of years until a young VanDenHueval decided to open a new Auto Business in the shop which he leased from Poquette.

Poquette needed more room so he added the addition on the West side of the building to house his engine rebuilding needs. Later when VanDenHueval decided to build his own shop across the street Poquette was again left with a vacant shop. Once more another mechanic decided to lease the space for auto repair however after a year and some months that too fizzled. In November Poquette's brother Dick leased the shop again for auto repair with an intent to purchase. When the deal is complete Dick Poquette would own the property and buildings and lease to his older brother Earl.

Now in the twilight years of his career Earl Poquette Jr. decided it was time to look toward the end and made the offer to Justin Sobieck to take over. When questioned about leaving Poquette offered this: "You can't kick the old dog out of his house just yet, I'm still the top dog for now."
Justin Sobieck
Sobieck accepted Poquette's offer and gave his two week notice at Applied Industrial Technologies. For the last month he has been working with Uncle
"Bone" around the shop, a nick name that stuck with him since his days as a trimmer and boner at Packerland Packing. Eager to learn the business Sobieck has been working with and for Poquette learning every minute detail about engine rebuilding. 
For the last couple of years Poquette has been rebuilding mostly tractor and forklift engines and some racing engines for stock cars. Sobieck plans to use the auto repair facility in the shop adjoining his space to his advantage and possibly get some rebuilding work from autos.

In Sobieck's personal life plans are evolving for Justin to move out of his parents home and live in his own apartment. It is not known if his fiance, Janel Engelbert would live with him in the domicile or if she would seek shelter at a different location.
Engelbert appears to be residing at the Sobieck home on Florist Drive for now but may be turned out to the street if Justin moves from home leaving her little option  since now the homeless shelters are closing for the summer. Engelbert who attends UWGB may be forced to sleep in her car or on benches located randomly
on campus.

Engelbert who plans to enter a nursing career upon graduation is expected to be the one providing health insurance for the J and J couple after their marriage. No  date has yet been set for the couple to be wed.

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That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Janel Engelbert
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