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April 20, 2008
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                       ith winter behind us and milder weather upon us it is time to begin the regiment of outdoor exorcise needed to maintain our bodies in the excellent shape they are. Among the rigorous activities the The Kat performs on a regular basis is walking miles of roads in the Town of Oneida. 

Sunday April 13 she was walking on Crook Road, an Oneida town road, and was listening to her MP3 player while keeping up her rigorous pace. Unbeknownst to her a neighbors pet was stalking her as she moved about the subdivision. Out of nowhere came the fierce dog leaping across two lanes to take a chunk out of The Kat's leg. Surprised by the attack she spun around to see the dog once again running toward her for a second try, after much cursing and kicking The Kat was able to stave off further attacks by the wild animal.

Although the pet's owner was not at home at the time, children of the resident were trying to calm the vicious dog but were unable to keep the animal in check evading attempts to be caught by the boy several times.

Visibly shaken by the attack The Kat returned home from her walk and debated on whether to call the authorities. Knowing
Kat about to be bitten by ferocious neighborhood dog while on her walk
A katandmick photo
the residents who are considered neighbors caused the hesitation especially as the female of the household works at the Syble Hopp School and is seen by The Kat on a daily basis. The hesitation was short lived as Kat reasoned that the residents had
ample warning because the dog had bit the Kat before and she had warned the residents at that time to do something about the mongrel. The Kat called the Oneida vice and they took a report and a photograph of her leg.

Later the owner of the dog stopped by to apologize about the incident and stated that the guard fence had not been working at the time the dog escaped. The Kat reminded her of the previous incident and said that the attack was unprovoked. The owner said she was not aware the dog had bitten anyone before, but it did have all it's shots and the Kat should be in no danger. 

Logan Sobieck or Cougar as some call him, took it upon himself to further his Catholic education and study for the the sacrament of confirmation. Sobieck who has struggled for guidance in his teen years was reminded by his mother Trixie Sobieck : "I don't care what you do, but your an idiot if you don't get confirmed" which turned out to be just enough advice to turn the boy in the proper direction and achieve the sacrament.

Sobieck made all his own arrangements and asked his brother Justin to be his sponsor. Justin had forgotten about the practice and when called by Logan at the last minute to attend said he was having too good of a time at the bar and wouldn't be able to come. With no sponsor at the practice Logan was forced to play both rolls of the confirmant and the sponsor hopping from one side to the other as needed.
The Kat
Parents of the confirmant were told of the event at the last minute and were forced to change plans. Trixie was forced to cancel her trip to the two for one sale at the adult book store while Kevin cut short a trip to Menard Lumber to return for his sons confirmation. 
Later after the ceremony Logan had a small celebratory gathering with a few imaginary friends but no relatives in his barely adequate but comfortable room in the Village of Hobart. About in the middle of the celebration Sobieck showered himself with meager gifts purchased from a second hand store wrapped in left over Christmas wrappings and adorned with used bows.
A katandmick photo
The Bishop poses with Logan for publicity photos
Had Jean Poquette Hansen been able to stay married she would have been married for 25 years on Saturday. With that behind her she commented that she had no regrets about the miscarriage of marriage and is happy that both have gone their separate ways.

Saturday Night to celebrate the defunct marriage Jean Poquette Hansen, some friends and sisters had dinner at the Seymour Hotel followed by a night out at Side Kicks bar in De Pere where a one man band droned on for what seemed like days playing a fiddle and guitar while singing vocals as an added bonus feature.
Hansen received a plethora of adult gifts as well as a custom made T-shirt manufactured in the home of Trixie Sobieck.

Richard Poquette who has recently been mentioned in The Newsletter regarding the purchase of Earl Poquette's shop on Highway 54 has been injured in a work related accident. Poquette 54 heard a cleaver comment his brother Earl and was unable to stop laughing. While writhing in laughter Poquette twisted his spine the wrong way and somehow wrenched his back, his laughing stopped abruptly and he began to sob in pain. 
Kat Pickett, Snow Danforth, Trixie Sobieck, Stephonia Prevost, and Jean Poquette Hansen at Sidekicks Bar in De Pere
According to Poquette's wife Cleen, Poquette sought medical help for relief from the pain. A concoction of Oxycontin, Ibuprofen, and codeine was prescribed to lesson the effects of the comical injury. Additional drugs were offered by Poquette's son Rick but Richard declined the offer stating he could be worse off should he use the remedy suggested by Rick. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Richard Poquette
A katandmick photo