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August 31, 2008
               ean Poquette Hansen has hinted at her commitment to James Seidl in the past and has speculated with plans for her wedding many times but usually in a joking manner. This time in a serious but happy announcement at a hastily called press conference at the KAMR offices, Jean Poquette Hansen proudly showed off her diamond ring as she spoke of her eternal commitment to her beloved, James Seidl.

Seidl his usual calm and collected self relived the magic moment as Poquette-Hansen bubbled over with joy sorting cherry tomatoes given to her by the Kat. Seidl recalled the exact spot he proposed after a short time sorting the details of their trip up north. His mission that day was to visit his parents and inform them of his future wedding, but first an important detail needed to be dealt with, the actual proposal.

Seidl and Poquette-Hansen started for the north woods with Jean none the wiser of the proposal. Seidl decided to stop for lunch at Luigi's in Sobiski and toyed with the idea of proposing there, but he decided after a short time that it was not the appropriate place for such a special moment. After lunch the couple continued on their northern trek and when Seidl reached the state line he found a park in Wall Michigan and pulled in. He described the park as bordering the Menominee River and that is where the magic words were spoken.

The couple had not yet settled on a wedding date when asked, but Poquette-Hansen would prefer to have the wedding in Las Vegas with entertainment booked for the reception such as Tom Jones and maybe a duet sung by Barbara Streisan and Barry Manilow. Seidl liked the idea of the duet. Poquette-Hansen said she was in no hurry to announce a date and felt she had another 8 years to set a date.

Poquette-Hansen said that the ceremony would occur likely within the following year and she would start wedding preparations immediately including picking out her brides maids and contacting entertainers.

The couple would continue to live in the comfortable Greenleaf home after the wedding, it is not known if the happy couple are planning on having children after the nuptials.

Mary Elizabeth Poquette joined Michael Kennedy Birder in matrimony Sunday Afternoon at the home of her mother Sherry. Michael Poquette's daughter Mary and her husband Michael had their reception at the Hobart Town Hall with what looked like about 150 in attendance.
Jean Poquette-Hansen accepts proposal after dating Seidl for only 8 years.
Poquette-Hansen and Seidl announce engagement at a hastily called news conference at KAMR headquarters Sunday evening
A katandmick photo
Guests attending the reception from the Poquette side of the family included Dan and Peg VanLanen, Mary and Richard Meeuwsen, Pat and Earl Poquette, Jean Poquette-Hansen and her special guest James Seidl, and The Kat along with this writer.

Mary's mother Sherry said she has one more to go and David has announced his plans to wed next year in September. She said she will be doing it all over again next summer a week later than this years wedding.

Logan "Cougar" Sobieck once head of the Oneida Posse turned aspiring pro golfer turned race car driver, has won the title of First Place in the highly acclaimed 25 lap finale at the Seymour Speedway in nearby Seymour.
Mary and Michael Birder
Logan Sobieck in winners lane his first carrer feature win
The race began with Sobieck's car 59 in the lead and he remained in the front position throughout the whole race even with several yellow flags coming out bunching the drivers. Several drivers were battling for second place and one hit the wall as his competitor took the spot behind Sobieck. No one however was able to overtake Logan as his car 59 proved to be the fastest thing on wheels at the spotlight featured event of the evening at the Seymour Speedway.

The win August 17th puts Sobieck in a position to finish the year in a positive light. Inching up to the winners position all year Sobieck sooner or later had to hit pay dirt. Racing at Seymour ends September 20 with the Fastrack Regional Special.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
A katandmick photo