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December 7, 2008
        ean Poquette Hansen met James Siedl only ten short years ago and what seemed to be a temporary thing turned into what is looking like a lifetime relationship. Hansen mother of three
had wanted to live her life without a husband after her first marriage ended badly, vowing that she would never marry again.

Seidl on the other hand had been tossing around hints and at times making
direct suggestions regarding marriage and how it would work out better for income tax, financial gain, insurance and the like. Hansen apprehensive understandably from her last marriage ignored the talk and went on about her life. Seidl on the other hand planned and at the right moment asked Hansen to be his wife. Hansen caught off guard agreed and maybe perhaps all her tough talk about never marrying again was all just talk for when she was asked she reacted like a giddy schoolgirl.
Now that all the asking and agreeing is done it's time to sit down and actually plan the wedding. Because this is Hansen's second wedding it need not be the lavish formal affair a first marriage would be. Yet Seidl has never been married before and might like to have a little bit bigger program
than a private ceremony in a court room somewhere. Afraid of what his family will think Seidl has not yet agreed to Hansen's idea of a Turkey Bowl wedding.

Hansen has been in talks with Seidl's parents who are apparently in favor of the nuptials during the halftime of TB X, yet James is not convinced it is the right thing to do.

Hansen's siblings have chimed in with suggestions and ideas and are making an even more convincing argument in favor of a Turkey Bowl wedding.
James Seidl
Jean Poquette-Hansen
Wedding guests would already be on hand to witness the union because of the football game, the meal is already planned and only a few new faces from the Seidl side will need special invitations for the event. No special arrangements would have to be made regarding attaining clergy to conduct the actual legal marriage ceremony. Dave (Peter) Poquette's wife Alex is a minister and has already agreed to carry out the marriage on the big day.
Alex can conduct the ceremony and file the paperwork with the county like any other official wedding, or funeral.

The couple has not yet announced who would be standing for the wedding no matter where it occurs.
Alex Poquette
XPFL Commissioner Brandon Pickett was asked if the ceremony would be allowed according to XPFL rules and after researching the matter finds that no precedent has been set or no rule has been written forbidding such an event occurring a the Turkey Bowl. Pickett: "I think this would be a great thing at our ten year anniversary."

With Christmas less then three weeks off the Pickett house hold and KAMR offices are almost ready for the big night. With no major remodeling project going on and the Christmas tree already up it doesn't even seem like the holiday season. Yet there is still the garage if one needs something yet to do. Boxes and decorations for all the seasons of the year abound in the one car structure with no apparent place to put all the clutter.

The Kat is now considering changing the main entree from the traditional smoked ham to fried chicken due to recently declining numbers in attendees. The prepared chicken would be brought from a local Festival Foods market and be kept hot by a roaster. Side dishes would continue to be brought by guests as would deserts and adult beverages. We will have more on Christmas Eve and we get closer to the event next week. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Jean Poquette Hansen and James Seidl