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December 14, 2008
                            n a somewhat temperate rainy Saturday evening last night "The Fat Club" celebrated their annual Christmas night out and had dinner at the home of Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck. Sobieck daughter of the late Mary Poquette, a founding member of the FC had been handed the reins of "Keeper of the Fat" years ago, an FC tradition passed down for generations from mother to daughter.
Sobieck prepared the low carb dinner praised by all which included large helpings of tenderloin and small portions of potatoes and carrots. Dinner rolls were cut into fourths,  rationed and noted in the log who got them. The cheesecake served for
Jean Poquette Hansen receives the "B-Dazzler" in a special gift package distributed by The Kat
Trixie Sobieck
keeper of the fat
desert seemed like large servings however after analyzing they were only small portions broken into many pieces and scattered about a large saucer giving the impression of a lot of food, an old fat club trick which fooled few of the veteran members.

After dinner the crowd moved to the kitchen and consumed multiple bottles of wine while watching Kevin load the dishwasher. Some members remembered what their day was like and shared
with others like Stephonia Prevost who quipped that she had been so busy she was unable to make it to her favorite tavern and was forced to quickly slam down a couple of small bottles of booze at home before coming. Joanne Lade lamented at the
distance between her and her grandchild and spoke of how she recently broke into loud sobs and tears upon realizing this at her daughters home.

While most members languished in the kitchen Joanne Lade and Snow Danforth gathered dinner paraphernalia and knocked down the extra table set up in the living room where the elderly ate in preparation for the gift exchange. It's a gala extravaganza where everyone shares a gift, an every day household item snatched up from their home wrapped and given to a random member.This year recipients were selected by musical presents, whereby Christmas music is played loudly while members try to pass the presents in a clockwise manner around the room. Some of the heavier presents lagged two to three spots behind while small lighter gifts shot ahead creating large gaps in the chain. Members were all warned before opening their gifts that they were not allowed to reject their gift or conveniently leave it behind claiming to have forgotten it. The gifts ranged from broken dolls to parts of appliances, sewing machines, and potted plants with no soil in the pot.

Most members had known what was in their package and awaited the recipients reaction to their gag gift, except for Stephonia Prevost who had brought the gift she had wrapped the year before for the party. Prevost had intending on giving the gift the year before but instead spent the day at her favorite bar and exhausted her preparation time for the party. With no time to dress appropriately and the gift at home she dragged herself to the party last year with a makeshift decorative item from the bar, a stringer of beer can fish, which the bartender gladly wrapped in return for banishing it from her sight.
Stephonia Prevost FC member
So last years prewrapped gift was cast into the closet for a year while Prevost's alcohol induced  loss of brain cells resulted in her loss of recollection of what she was giving in the exchange. The gift turned out to be statuettes of the pilgrims standing next to maniacal looking foul. Discussion arose as to whether the
pilgrim man was a midget or if the turkeys back in the early days of the country were extremely large in size. No determination was made.  The Kat eventually wound up with the gift and (no surprise here) she loved it. While the pair takes up little room in the house the loss of the sewing machine that Kat gave results in a net gain in space in our home.

In an attempt to rid herself of more stored items from our home the Kat decided to prepare a gift bag for everyone attending. Gifts were selected especially for each member such as Trixie who received an anklet because she was thought to have the smallest kankles. She reminded me however that Snow Danforth has smaller kankles than her, but with the warm temperatures last night I thought it best to keep the anklet away from snows mushy kankles as the warm metallic anklet might melt into her kankles resulting in another injury for the snow women.  She received a cup warmer instead.

Perhaps the most appropriate gift given by the Kat last evening was the ones selected for Jean Poquette-Hansen. She nearly passed out when she received the B-Dazzler in her bag. Poquette-Hansen
had been planning since she decided to marry again on making her own wedding dress for the occasion to which the B-Dazzler plays in important roll. In addition to the stud mounting tool she received a copy of 101 Nights of Great Sex an item welcomed by her and headed for her library. Poquette-Hansen began planning her Turkey Bowl wedding dress immediately upon her realization of what she could accomplish with the B-Dazzler.

Notably absent from the Fat Club party was Exulted Ruler Dave Poquette who has not attended a Fat Club Christmas Party for 10 years. The new Birthday page is up click here to see it. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Stephonia Prevost's gift to the Kat
A katandmick photo
A katandmick photo