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December 21, 2008
                    ast year the meat pie creators decried that they would cut the number of pies produced next year. Nothing could have been further from the truth however as the meat pie totals this year climbed to 22 from last years paltry 16. The increase in production however, was not from newly generated orders but from faulty memories that were unable to recall the correct proportions of beef, pork, and potatoes required to make the popular upper Michigan delicacy. The daughters of well known youper the late Mary Poquette, were indeed guessing when they ordered the ingredients for this years pie making party.
Meat pie coordinator and baking party host The Kat called out to Judy Treml to cut the raw meat for the pies to twenty pounds each, what she thought would be 5 pounds less from the year before. Instead she increased the quantity by 5 pounds each creating the meat overrun. Treml with a poor memory herself
took the Kat's word for it and brought what she was told to by her much older sister. The resulting extra six meat pies were divvied up between Treml and the Kat. 
The Kat was hissing after learning that her mistake resulted in 6 extra pies
The meat pie tradition is kept alive largely by Treml who makes the meat pastry specifically for her husband Scott who then is able to exist solely on the meat treat for the next six weeks. 
Judy Treml
Joanne Lade helps prepare the meat pies as well and is the one who supplies the potatoes for the day. This years 20 lbs. of potatoes were peeled and ground by Lade herself. Even though Lade spends most of her time imitating people, talking, and laughing not to mention consuming wine and ground bologna sandwiches she is still allowed her two meat pies to take home.
Joanne Lade
After baking the meat pies are allowed to cool out in the bus. Then they are placed in a plastic box and set outside in the winter weather. At this moment the pies are in the sub zero temps which are blanketing the Oneida area at this time.
This weeks question comes from the sister of one of our regular subject on The Newsletter. Snow Danforth's sister writes:

How do ya'll keep my sister Snow from melting under the pressure of all the shenanigans. Bet ya'll didn't think us Southerners could spell those big-ass words.
P.S. did we spell it rite?

Catherine Southern Belle

Dear Catherine, spelling is not all what it's cracked up to be but if you must know it's pee ess, and in case you didn't know your sister did melt a little bit recently. Her ankles became mushy and that  resulted in a fall and bad sprain for which she was on crutches for a month. Since cooler weather has prevailed since the accident her ankles have firmed up quite nicely. If you are coming to visit your sister in the future please feel free to stop in at the Kat and Mick Report offices on County E where we can give you a tour of our modern publishing facility.

Last week we reported that Trixie Sobieck received an anklet in her special gift bag handed out by the Kat at the annual Fat Club Christmas party. As it turns out Sobieck received no such anklet because the gift was nixed at the last moment before entering the bag. The Kat only thought about placing the item in the bag and loudly said she was going to do it. In the final cut however the item never made it to the bag with the Kat opting to keep it for her own kankle.
Tim Lade may appear mean in his photo but after you get to know him he's not very bad at all.
Lade recently had a female rider of his bus behave in an unacceptable manor and was what he termed "a snot". The high school aged girl was a block from home when Lade ordered her off of his bus to walk the rest of the way home. Lade 66 immediately knew he shouldn't have done what he did remembering his rigorous training and memorization of the rules set forth. But of course in anger
the rules are hard to remember. The girl never complained nor did the parents but Lade reported the incident just the same just to make sure that he fulfilled his responsibility. Sympathetic to his situation the management at Lamers Bus Lines in East De Pere gave Lade a day off just the same so as not to treat Lade different from other drivers who have made the same mistake. Lade spent the day dozing and watching a Jerry Springer marathon.

Recently it has come to our attention that email sent via the link to the webmaster at the bottom of the page does not always make it through corporate filters at some of our readers work computers. We learned that a regular reader recently stopped reading The Newsletter because she said we never answer our emails. When our readers care enough to write in we always answer serious requests and comments, therefore we suggest that you enter our email address in your own email window address box and put the address in your address book.
This will now be at the bottom of the pages as well. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
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Tim Lade