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December 28, 2008
Brittany Sobieck once ambitious to create a huge pile of rejected boys behind her house says no to new additions.
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               omething happened Sunday at the Packer game as one of our favorite couples watched the green and gold tame the Lions and bring their winless season to a close. Brittany Sobieck proposed marriage to her long time male companion Jeremy Rezek. Sobieck long time local harlot apparently has abandoned her life of loveless acquaintances with men to become serious about a commitment to Jeremy.

Sobieck 22, known for relationships of quantity rather than quality had gone through boyfriends fast enough that before one could sufficiently learn and remember a name the latest subject had already been rejected and was cast out to the pile. This assembly line process of love apparently came to a halt with Rezek 22, as witnessed by their now 7 month friendship. No single person actually knows what the key is to Rezek's romantic success of penetrating Sobieck's heart but experts on the matter contacted by this publication offer the notion that Rezek is a virgin and wants to remain so until marriage. This strange phenomenon as seen by Sobieck is what sparked the relationship to a lifelong commitment.

A failed believer in celibacy herself Sobieck's mother Trixie offered Rezek a gift of prophylactics for Christmas this year not buying into the celibacy theory. Trixie who for years tried to advise her
Trixie Sobieck
Rezek embarrassed, opens a gift of Trojans (2000 count) from future mother in law Trixie Sobieck
a katandmick photo
daughter on affairs of the heart has given up recently on offering any advice to the future physical therapist as she strains to see the woods behind her house over the pile of rejected boys placed there by her daughter.
Trixie received the call from Brittany about the commitment in the third quarter but refused to take her word thinking that Sobieck the younger was under the influence of alcohol. Upon further examination and questioning Trixie realized that she was serious and was indeed agreeing to wed with Rezek. As mentioned earlier Sobieck proposed to Rezek but Trixie says that Rezek made numerous unanswered marriage proposals to Sobieck in the past who was obviously confused by his unselfish love. In what must have been a moment of epiphany for Sobieck it all came together in Lambeau Field and she saw the light clearly and made the counter proposal. Result, engagement.

No date has yet been set for the wedding and other details are sketchy but they will be passed on in The Newsletter when we have them. The now awaiting Rezek-Sobieck union is not the only pending marriage in the Sobieck household and we must not forget about our first J and J couple Justin and Janel who are also engaged but as with the aforementioned couple have not yet chosen a date for their nuptials.
2008 Christmas at the Pickett home this year seemed usual in many ways but turnout was down compared to other years. "Only a smattering of people" as stated by returning attendee Trixie Sobieck but indeed there were more than just a few attending as the official count sat at 55.

No one knows for sure why the attendance was down but it is known that Shelly Sobieck was working, Alissa Young was sick and people had left before others arrived making it seem like there were smaller numbers in attendance.
Speculation offered by Jean Poquette Hansen is that people were not enticed to come due to the demise of the gift exchange. Each year family members exchanged names at Thanksgiving a project usually coordinated 
by Margaret (Peg) VanLanen at or after the Turkey Bowl. This year at the event VanLanen, the family matriarch announced without prior notice that she would no longer head the gift exchange tradition offering no explanation for her decision.
Jean Poquette-Hansen
With no backup person to step in and coordinate the program the usual gift exchange, a traditional Christmas fruit was left to die on the vine for lack of responsible organization and oversight.

Christmas eve was a success and an entire ham was Eaton and all the beans were gone before I
Magret (Peg) VanLanen
got to them. That's all the news that is news see ya.
Bunkey and Aimee converse by the fire while Tony relaxes on the chair
David Poquette, his gal and Mary and Michael Birder stop in
a katandmick photo
a katandmick photo