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February 24, 2008
                ileen Sobieck celebrated her birthday Saturday evening with friends and family at local country and western bars. "Trixie" as she is called by her siblings, husband and friends dove right in and danced on the bar to the goat ropin music played at the many of the establishments, but when offered to ride the bull she immediately became a huge success and was cheered on by patrons of the local rodeo.

Sobieck who recently started a new job rendezvoused with an old friend from her days at Wal-Mart, Snow Danforth. Danforth sat quietly in the crowd melting and in horror as her dear friend Trixie risked life and limb riding the bull. Eileen didn't seem concerned however as she hung on for dear life never letting go until the bull collapsed from exhaustion. After dismounting the animal when it was down she gave it a kick and screamed in it's ear: "I've buried bulls bigger than you in Pa's back 40."

Although the bull did not expire there should have been some words said to help it recover, however Jean Poquette Hansen who normally performs this duty, and was supposed to be with the party became intoxicated early in the evening and couldn't be persuaded to leave the establishment where she was.

Tim Lade will not be driving school bus for some time until his groin area heals after having his prostate removed . Lade who discovered recently in a check up that he had the beginnings of cancer in his prostate had it removed this past week and is home now resting comfortably. Doctors that
Trixie rides the bull while her friend Snow looks on
performed the surgery  inserted a dill pickle (sliced and known to many as a pickle spear) after removing the prostate to take it's place giving Lade the sensation of still having it and reassuring him mentally that he is no less of a man.
The surgeon did however explain to Lade that during the procedure one side of the prostate was removed cleanly but the other side did not go as good because of some nerves close to the affected area which also were damaged during the operation. Lade may not have feeling on one side of his pickle after the vicodin wears off.

Lade will need to be off of work for at least 6 weeks which will work out well for him as he is planning to visit his daughter Katie in Los Angeles during the Easter break. Lade will be taking Amtrak's Southwest Chief to the city of angels, a wise choice considering his condition. The smooth air cushioned ride will not only be easier on his sensitive area but there are no sudden changes in altitude which have been known to cause dill pickles to explode due to lack of pressure equalizing characteristics internally in the pickle.
Tim Lade
Even though it was difficult to get a date that worked the Pickett family met and exchanged gifts on Saturday at our modest home here in the Town of Oneida. The party was scheduled for two weeks ago but was called off at the last minute over concerns of dangerous travel during the sudden cold snap and extremely low wind chills generated by severe winds Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

The party which should be scheduled around Christmas time has been plagued in recent years by family members not being able to make their schedules jibe resulting in a weekend where everyone could get together.

Kat served her famous country smoked ham dinner complete with mashed potatoes and key lime torte for desert. The affair got underway at 2PM and ended near midnight. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
A katandmick photo