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January 13, 2008
                 ecember sixteenth was graduation day from the University of Wisconsin La Crosse for Chrissie who graduated with high honors and three sashes from Italy, Argentina, and France. This is not the end of her education, but only the beginning according to an unnamed source to the KAMR. Meeusen has the next three years planned out according to the source.
Now that Meeusen is a college graduate she is qualified to be an employee of the local ski resort in La Crosse where she earns minimum wage. But it doesn't stop there, Meeusen has put her education to work and with her highly intelligent
brain she has already figured out the ski resort job will probably not be permanent once the warm weather returns in April.

Meeusen has made other arrangements which will begin in summer. At the end of May her lease will run out for her rented domicile in La Crosse and she will leave to return to the Green Bay area. Upon her return she may pick up a part time job which will probably not be at the Wal-Mart which she despises. Even when with family members she becomes up tight if someone mentions visiting the nationwide discount chain. It seems Meeusen had a bad experience  at one time working for the retailer and has not forgiven them.

What ever employment she chooses she will be leaving the Green Bay area for 27 months to work in Africa for the Peace Corps at the end of July. Upon her return in September 2010 she will return to her schooling and enroll in graduate school where she will do research into reanimating dead tissue. Ultimately her goal is to create a living being from body parts of deceased donors. Possible sources of parts she says, may even come from the local graveyard. She even has a name picked out for her creation, It will be called Meeusenstein.

Meeusen will leave behind family and friends to do the work in Africa but will not leave behind a boyfriend. Unlike her cousin Brittany Sobieck, Meeusen has only dated one person since high school, a banker whom she became impatient with after only three dates. Meeusen: "I'm too busy for boyfriends", the one and only man she did date was two years ago and she has no picked over pile of boyfriends behind the house like Brittany.  
Chrissie Meeusen
Relatives, co-workers and even several of her friends from high school who were able to attain one day passes from the Oconto jail were in attendance as Kelly Wenzel prepared to welcome a new child into the world.
Wenzel 24, was the guest of honor along with the unborn child in her womb to the baby shower thrown for her by her sister April Bakos and her Mother Sue Wenzel.  The baby shower was held at the home of Wenzel's Aunt Kat on County Road E in the Town of Oneida.
Sue Wenzel known to Newsletter readers as Zeus had resisted the idea that the party be held at her domicile, Sue Wenzel: "You know I'm just not good at that kind of stuff." Zeus uttered other quotes which were not suitable for print. She did make
Kelly Wenzel with child
the potato salad for the lunch that was served during the afternoon affair, but only after a little arm twisting from her daughter April who was in charge of the event. It seems that April walked in on Zeus schmoozing the Kat about how her potato salad is the best when April abruptly cut her off in mid sentence and ordered her mother to
make the potato salad and leave the Kat alone.

About 30 people were in attendance and Kelly made a substantial haul on baby gifts from the event. Guests came from as far south as Appleton and as far north as Oconto to be with the family during the event. Games were played and prize was won by Jean Poquette Hansen.
April Bakos event organizer
Hello Kat
You may remember me.  I used to be a big shot at the KAMR.  A contender.  A  somebody.  I was deep inside the inner circle of trust.  Now I sit here, irrelevant, ignored, and ignoble.  Sure, it was MY decision to make my monthly contributions only once every year and a half, but for Christ sakes it's been three weeks now and I have hundreds, or at least ONE article(s) submitted.  But that sawed off little prick of a Mick refuses to publish it!!!   I am seriously considering going to the Jim and Mary Newsletter with my work, ....but they won't return my calls, ...Most likely because you bastards got to them and spoiled my excellent reputation.  I'm sure of it, yes I am.   What do you ingrates have to say for yourself's, and did you have a very nice holiday??? 

S Lyle OConnor

Dear Mr. OConnor
The holidays were nice, have we met before?  

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Chrissie already doing preliminary work on Meeusenstein