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July 6, 2008
Timber Rattler Outing Ticket List Click Here.
              or the next few months Brittany Sobieck will be nose to the grindstone working to earn money to pay for her new apartment and save to later continue her medical education and get on track to become a physical therapist.
Sobieck who graduated college with a degree in some medical stuff has been told that she will need to go on into graduate school and take even more medical stuff to do the job of her dreams. Unable to register in the classes she needs due to crowding, Sobieck has decided to get on a waiting
list and work at a less technical job in the mean time and earn some much needed cash.

Sobieck moved out her parents comfortable home on Florist Drive in an upscale neighborhood in the Village of Hobart and into a small one bedroom apartment in Green Bay until she can get back into classes in Milwaukee.

Sobieck had difficulty finding anyone who would lease to her for it is well known that she keeps company with vermin which she thinks of as pets. Also common knowledge on the street is her lackadaisical attitude in keeping her living space neat and picked up. Sobieck relied on her brothers Justin and Logan to pick up her dirty laundry and litter in her room on a regular basis. At times when the boys were busy, Janel (Justin's girlfriend) was pressed into service to tidy up after Sobieck pulled all nighters littering her room with pizza boxes, ash trays full of butts, and wine bottles.

In the past Sobieck has worked at the hospital registering patients and guiding people where they need to go, but it is unclear if that is the job she is doing now.

Everything is now in place for the July 26 Timber Rattler outing held every year now for the past three years. Tickets are all paid for and will be distributed at the tailgate party held before the game.

To achieve a good spot and so as to all be located in the same general area those attending are asked to meet at 4PM in the lot of Time Warner Cable Field. This is the earliest time that people are allowed into the parking lot before the game.

Two or three small grills will be on hand to cook the meat that people bring for their meal and each person is responsible for bringing the adult beverage of their preference to be consumed before and after the game in the lot. Food arrangements are not yet clear for side dishes, buns, and snacks but will be announced in a following newsletter.
Brittany Sobieck
The lovely and talented Joanne Lade is contemplating having surgery on her eyes to eliminate the need for spectacles. Lade 56, is expected to make a decision in the next couple of weeks as to whether she is to undergo the procedure which involves placing implants in her eyes to correct the vision in her aging sight system.
Lade who hates wearing glasses has been having vision problems for years but seldom wears the glasses needed to correct her aging eyes. Often she can be seen contorting her face to allow her eyes to focus with out the need for the glasses she requires. While this procedure works it is somewhat disturbing to see
the result of the face making and people who are unaware of why she is doing it often see it as Lade being lighthearted trying to interject jocularity into the situation.

Tim Lade often tries to warn Joanne for her own benefit to be cautious about the faces she is making however the comments seem unwelcome by her and are often repeated back to Tim in a sarcastic manner in an attempt to mock the good intentions Tim has set forth.

Logan Sobieck who once fancied a career in golf and took on the nickname "Cougar" has all but abandoned golf for the new sport of choice, stock car racing. Sobieck 17, has become a force to be
Joanne Lade
reckoned with at the Seymour Speedway placing in the top ten on a regular basis in the 4 cylinder races held every Sunday Night. Sobieck a newcomer to the sport last year has gained valuable driving experience and has become a formidable
challenger in the weekly event in the small town.

Sobieck who is quite coy about his future in racing,  is proud of the standings as of this year and will describe each race upon a simple request. Although he may be contemplating running with the big dogs and sporting the idea of getting sponsors and running a late model in the main event he's has not yet verbalized his intentions to do so as of yet. Sobieck works on his vehicle at his uncle Dick's garage next door with the help of his brother Justin. Logan can be found in the standings for the Seymour Speedway by clicking here. That's all the news that  is news, see ya.
Logan Sobieck