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July 13, 2008
Timber Rattler Outing Ticket List Click Here.
                arah Poquette has "never been anywhere" according to the the local wiccan herself in a recent casual meeting with friends and relatives celebrating the Sobieck's 25 year anniversary. Poquette who has been working at a truck stop at GV and 172 has not taken a vacation since she started at the fuel depot. But the one time head of local female black magic practitioners plans on taking herself on a trip to a neighboring state.
Kevin and Trixie are again bringing a tent and I am bringing the sound system. Brandon and I along with the Sobieck's are all bringing small grills to cook on. Everyone is responsible for bringing their own beverages whether they be hard or soft, and something to sit on.

Aaron Meeusen who has had diabetes since childhood has taken the first steps in living with kidney failure. He has had the "shunt" or the medical term Fistula installed. It's a surgically enlarged vein (usually located in the wrist or elbow) that provides access to the bloodstream for haemodialysis. Meeusen has had a slow but steady decline of kidney function and while he is still operating with his own kidneys he is preparing for total failure ahead of time with the procedure.
Once medical personnel have decided that Meeusen is to go on dialysis kidney function will have ceased and he will then become a possible candidate for a transplant. Until then Meeusen experiences good and bad days, some days he barely has enough energy to function other days he is almost normal.

Joanne Lade often confused as popular Canadian singer Celine Dion because of her similar appearance and singing style did not share the same vision ability as the pop singer. Lade's eyes were weak and needed glasses so she opted to have those weak eyes repaired on Friday afternoon with laser surgery.

Lade a legal analyst for a major insurance company was advised by her manager and husband (again a similarity with Celine Dion) Tim Lade to not have the surgery as he was afraid that some mistake during surgery  would damage Lades face ruining her striking beauty.
Aaron meeusen wins first place in pedal tractor pulls at TB VII
A katandmick photo
Sarah has become quite friendly with a pen pal whom she has met online and lives in Iowa, and she plans to visit him in coming weeks. Poquette plans to dissolve her current relationship with her boyfriend Ryan, in favor of her new online friend. Poquette plans to drive to his home and get to know her new friend on a one to one basis as she meets him face
to face. But just like Kipland Dynamite, Poquette is frustrated and uttered this comment "I'm just really P O' ed cause he hasn't sent me a full body shot yet."

Poquette who is known to have a long distance travel broom is opting to make the trek with her aging automobile, a choice not highly thought of by her father and caretaker of the vehicle Richard Poquette. Richard Poquette: "Your fricken car is gonna break down and then what are you gonna do?"  Poquette's parents Richard and Colleen are not in favor of the trip and have offered numerous possible hypothetical situations all with negative outcomes and severe consequences for her consideration.

When Poquette was questioned about her decision to cut off relations with her current boy friend she cited his unusual circumstance and bad luck related to his inability to find meaningful employment for the past 5 years. Since the couple share an apartment Sarah has taken responsibility for the brunt of the rent allowing Ryan, his brother, and father to live with her with no financial responsibility, a circumstance Sarah becomes tired with.

It is not yet clean if while Poquette is visiting the neighboring state if she will indulge in any Wiccan rites while in the area. Those interested in her situation will be watching however to see if she takes her current boyfriend along, a sure indication that Poquette is to perform a human sacrifice while in Iowa.

As was stated in earlier Newsletters tickets for the July 26 Timber Rattler outing needed to be ordered and purchased before July 4th. After that date it would be impossible to get tickets for the game. Two tickets have become available however for the game due to a cancellation in the Joanne Lade party. If you are interested in the tickets or know someone else who would like to go contact Lade at 338-8339 to work things out.

Kat is making potato salad for the tailgate party and everyone else is to bring their own meat and buns for their main course. In the past such things as pasta salad, assorted chips, fruit salad, salsa, taco dip, vegetable tray, brownies and cookies, condiments, plastic table ware, paper plates and napkins, serving spoons and knives were all brought along by various members of the tailgate party.
Sarah Poquette
Joanne Poquette met her future husband Tim Lade when she was 12 and he was 38. He was her manager and eventually fell in love with her and as soon as she was old enough she became the fourth Mrs. Tim Lade, a marriage Tim knew could not fail.
Tim Lade, manager/husband
Lade's condition is unknown and attempts to reach the singer or her manager/husband were futile as of Sunday. As with all celebrities their medical conditions are of great secrecy and little or no facts are released until they are completely cured and ready to perform again or news of their death is released.  That's all the news that is news, see ya.