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July 20, 2008
Timber Rattler Outing Ticket List Click Here.
          oanne Lade reports that the surgery was successful that she had done on her eyes slightly over a week ago. Lade had undergone corrective laser eye surgery Friday July 11th and efforts to reach the singer/insurance executive to confirm the outcome were not fruitful last week.
Lade who suffered obscured vision insisted on having the surgery against the better judgment of husband/Manager Tim Lade. Tim had worried that the surgery would leave some permanent defect ruining his Joanie's natural beauty cutting her singing career short. Lade breathed a sigh of relief after seeing his Joanie after the surgery. Tim Lade: "I thought her beautiful face would be ruined but seeing her after the surgery I know I was wrong to try to withhold this medical benefit from my Joanie, If anything her looks are improved."

Joanne said they numbed her eyes with drops beforehand and after the surgery her eyes did hurt for about two hours. She has deemed the surgery successful and says she no longer has a need for glasses.

Local De Pere resident Brandyn Shier was inducted into the Brittany Sobieck boyfriend hall of fame for making it almost four months before she tired of him. Shier was cast to Sobieck's pile of used up boyfriends shortly before the anniversary party held for Kevin and Trixie Sobieck on June 28th.
Joanne Lade after laser eye surgery
A Tim Lade photo
Shier who was told of the dating habits of the Oneida Harlot refused to believe those who said it would not work but instead insisted it would be different with him. Although Shier believes he was not cast aside for another and after a short period of stalking Sobieck he now reports that as of late, nearly a month now after their breakup, she is seeing another boy. Shier also admits that he too has
moved on and is seeing another girl.

Little is known about Sobieck's new friend, Shier thought that the young man was hearing impaired when he saw him.
Brandyn Shier
Planning for this event started in early March and will end this Saturday July 26 as the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers take the field against the Beloit Snappers at 6:35 PM at Time Warner Cable Field in Grand Chute. Even though the Rattlers are having a bad year (6 and 23 they are at the bottom of the Mid West League) the game still promises to be a lot of fun as will the tailgate party. The theme for the game is Star Wars Night.

Those attending already have paid their money for the Box Seats we reserved and are expected to participate in the tailgate party in the parking lot beginning at 4PM. That is the time the stadium gates are thrown open and people are allowed to enter. I encourage all of you attending to try to arrive at 4 so that everyone can park close together. As mentioned last week everyone is responsible for bringing their own meat, buns, and liquid refreshments. Snacks, deserts, side dishes are on an availability basis and if you so choose to bring them that is your option. Grills will be provided by Brandon, the Sobieck's, and yours truly.

At 6:15 we will pick up and get ready to enter the stadium and enjoy a great game. After the game will be fireworks. See you next Saturday!

Maxwell Pickett was baptized today at a ceremony during the Sunday services at Peace Lutheran Church on County U in the Town of Pitsfield.
Many members of the Kamke Family attended as did the Pickett Family. Alex Pickett, Max's Uncle and Mariah, his cousin were sponsors and were called to be with Max during his moment in the water. A number of photographs were
taken after the services and everyone was invited to gathering at the Pickett home on Janz Court in the Town of Oneida for lunch and refreshments. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Max Pickett
The Axis of Evil proudly shows off their kankles prior to a Timber Rattler Game at the tailgate party a couple of years ago.
A katandmick photo
A katandmick photo