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June 8, 2008
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                    hristine Meeusen has decided to make good on her commitment to the Peace Corps after finishing college this year. The 22 year old Meeusen said that she is looking forward to the adventure but is unsure of the steps to continue in the process. She knows that she is to report to the the Corps on July 1 and thinks that she will go to training after that.
Just how long the training will be or what she will actually train on is anybody's guess. Meeusen already knows that she will be going to Africa and will be working with culturally deprived poverty stricken people.
Facilities and amenities in her new temporary home will be limited and for the most part the same as what her clients are. What that means is there is no running water, electricity, or bathrooms. Meeusen plans to make the best of it and learn as much as
as she can while there and help the people of her village as much as she can. Meeusen took a month to catch her breath and say her good byes after graduation and before leaving for Africa.

Meeusen says she will be able to visit a place on a regular basis where she can use a phone and computers to
Chrissy Meeusen
Meeusens new bathroom
communicate withe the outside world and promised she would keep in touch with The Newsletter to keep us up to date on her accomplishments.

Meeusen distraught over the fact she was not allowed to kick off at the Turkey Bowl due to the unfair advantage created by her club leg says she will not miss the event, and furthermore she hopes that some day Commissioner Brandon Pickett will be able to abandon his arcane style of thinking and allow players with disabilities to compete with the others.
As reported earlier this year Earl Poquette Jr. was in negotiations to sell his property and Hwy. 54 business complex to his brother Richard Poquette.
That deal has been completed according to Richard "Dick" Poquette. Poquette purchased the building and property for an undisclosed amount from his brother this spring and is now renting the space needed to run the L&E Machine part of the business back to Earl.
L&E the original business started by Earl Poquette Jr. and Lyle Cole in De pere has survived at the West Mason location for the past 20 years and is expected to continue with service uninterrupted in the present quarters.

Justin Sobieck, Poquette's nephew is working with Earl and attempting to learn the trade in earnest and hopes
some day to take over the business from the aging engine rebuilder. Poquette has established a high level of integrity in the engine rebuilding business and is respected for his high quality product by competitors and customers alike. Sobieck a newcomer to the trade hopes he can earn the same respect
his uncle has among peers in the trade. Sobieck a long
time employee for Applied Industrial Technologies left he belt technician job in favor of working with the elder Poquette.

Earl Poquette has left the option open for Sobieck to purchase the business at a later date and has not indicated he will sell it to his younger brother Dick.
While still employed by Applied, Sobieck filled in and worked part time at Dick Poquette's former location at 747 Florist Dr. next to Poquette Field. He performed mechanic work and worked on his own vehicles as well as his siblings vehicles when needed. The Florist Drive location is now only used to complete work on race cars by Richard. 
Dick Poquette
Justin Sobieck
Earl Poquette Jr.