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June 15, 2008
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         ust when Jessica Poquette needed her mother the most for moral support and comfort at a time of great injury Jean Poquette Hansen abandoned her daughter in favor of a headline. As reported by Poquette in a recent interview, this past winter was a time of joy and accomplishment followed terror, sorrow and disappointment.

Poquette, a branch manager for express loan company Check Mate, received an award for outstanding achievement from the corporate heads and board of directors. After of years in school to get her degree in Financial Institutions Management
Poquette 27,  was formally recognized as "Manager of the Year" for all Check Mate stores. Poquette said of the achievement: "It was the best day of my far."

That was the Joy and accomplishment part of the story. Later after the newness of the award wore off Poquette took a nasty spill on the ice and broke both bones in her ankle. All of a sudden the joy and euphoria of her accomplishment all came crashing down around her as she lay helpless on the ice. Poquette clawed her way into the building where she called her mother and an ambulance. 
Mother leaves daughter in pain to report incident to Newsletter reporter.
Jessica Poquette recieves manager of the year award
Jean Poquette Hansen arrived on the scene to see what had happened and how she could help. Jessica's foot was hanging limp and twisted with toes pointing backward as she shrieked in pain waiting on the rescue squad.  Poquette writhed
in pain as rescue personal strapped her down to a stretcher with wheels to transport her to the hospital.

Jessica's mother Jean Poquette Hansen who was brought in at her request for morale support was of no help during the situation at all as she continuously badgered Poquette about how this will make a good story for The Newsletter.
Jessie Poquette thinks back to the unfortunate evening.
Asking for more details while Poquette shrieked again in pain as doctors twisted her foot back one full turn to get it back into the correct position, Hansen was relentless in her questioning on her quest for facts for The Newsletter.
Poquette remembering how her mother leaked private information to the press when she had broken her wrist in a particularly nasty four wheeler accident, was again fearful that her maternal unit would again embarrass her and demanded that Poquette-Hansen cease and
desist from any further collection of facts. She ordered her to keep a tight lip about what she already knew and not give it up to the KAMR.

Now that Poquette is healed she was finally willing to tell the story herself the way it happened.

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Jean Poquette Hansen