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June 29, 2008
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          t has already been about a month since the incident occurred but news of the car accident John Poquette was involved in has just reached the Kat and Mick news desk. Poquette was seriously injured in a car wreck in Las Vegas after the van he was driving struck a concrete abutment in the down town area. Poquette, 63 apparently lost control of his customized van after some one crashed into him on the highway an he then crashed into the abutment.

Poquette suffered  cracked ribs, and required many stitches after the numerous cuts received in the crash. And as if that were not enough Poquette lost his front teeth in the impact as well. After some advice from his brother Dave "Peter" Poquette he agreed that repair of the front teeth will be necessary.

Although details are sketchy, Poquette may have been returning from a business trip involving his reverse marketing techniques.

After weeks of preparation the Kevin and Trixie Sobieck Anniversary party went off as planned. About 125 guests were in attendance when a video was played depicting the couples courtship, marriage, and children in Sobieck hall. Just before the video mother nature dumped a downpour on the area and did so again several times after the video. Few got wet though with the cover of the garage and waterproof tents in the front yard.

Those attending were given the choice to select various meats from barbequed ribs, and chicken to brats, hamburgers, hot dogs to cheese and sausage platters along with all the side dishes including but not limited to, potato salad, hot beans, fresh vegetables, and cookies, and cakes. The feed bag was opened at about 16:30 hours and stayed open until about 22:30 hours when most everything had been eaten.

With few left overs to pick up cleaning up was a breeze with Justin and Logan digging in and picking up most of the buffet and serving equipment. Even after spending most of the day policing the celebration keeping everything tidy and neat the two boys would not stop working.

A DJ provided excellent entertainment and offered a new twist with the addition of Karaoke to the offering thanks to Trixie who had rented karaoke disks and the equipment to play them on. After several suggestions and coaxing Trixie even sang a song or two herself. When there was a need for participants Gladys Cravitz from next door eagerly volunteered to sing what ever goat ropin song she could get close to in key for our entertainment.

With a baby tucked in her arms only weeks old Brenda Jusephi talked of how the surprise pregnancy wound up as a blessing for the family.

Brenda who had became pregnant even though she thought she couldn't conceive was worried about the baby from the beginning with all the odd things popping up on her sonograms pointed out by medical staff. She said they kept talking about taking the baby early because of various anomalies in the pregnancy. Even though the baby went full term she was small, weighing in at only a little over 5 lbs when borne. Only after delivery did doctors find out why this was. It seems the blood supply which comes from the mother was somewhat restricted where it connected to the baby with only a small connection to only a small side artery and not the main one connected to the umbilical cord. This caused the the baby to grow more slowly than normal. Doctors however think the child is normal in every other way and should grow in a more normal now.

Friday July 4 will be celebrated at the VanLanen's home on County U. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
John Poquette reverse marketing genius
Kevin and Trixie Sobieck on their anniversary day and Kevin's birthday
Baby, Brenda, Dee, and Lilly Jusephi
Sobieck party before or after a rain