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March 2, 2008
Parents concerned for younger Poquette's mental health after a psychotic episode involving children and Lego's leaves him a stammering idiot.
                 veryone who has raised children can tell you that at some point one or more children has damaged or destroyed something of you or your spouses that caused great anguish for the owner of said property. Usually when this occurs this causes a short outburst of anger which diminishes and is gone in a few hours. This was not the case with Rick Poquette who's daughter destroyed a project he had been building for some time.

Poquette a delivery person by trade works for Waffle Cones Inc. so he does not get the on the job experience so to speak in the building trades as he would like. Rick someday hopes to be a great designer and build elegant structures and he works out details and builds at his home where he lives with his wife and two children, a disastrous consequence for a master designer such as Rick.
Poquette uses an extremely large collection of Lego parts to construct his models and is fond of the versatility and ease to which he is able to create. When Poquette works for hours on a piece he is not terribly happy when a thoughtless child comes along and destroys his priceless creation just so
they can create their own obvious worthless pile of plastic which benefits no one. Well, that's just what happened last week when Bobby, the children's mother went to work and left Rick to watch the children.

Poquette who considers himself a Lego master designer had been working on a piece for some time when he left it unintended for a just a few minutes, that was all it took for daughter Rylee to tear down all of Rick's hard work to a scrap heap. Rylee did not even have a plan of her own to build a structure to use the parts but did manage to click a few pieces together just to make it look like she had needed the parts.
Rick Poquette Lego designer
When Rick returned to the design center he was furious as one would imagine. Fortunately for Rylee, Rick did not become violent as you would all agree he had every right to. Instead he called Bobby at work and chastised her
viamintly for not teaching Rylee to respect other peoples property. Rick had worked long and hard perfecting the design which may very well have been the first one he could have sold. He only had some stress problems in the arch beams to work out but felt he had some good ideas and was on the road to a perfect design when all was lost. 

When Rylee was asked about her part in the fiasco her only reply was "ba ba ba - pheeeeep" , an obvious attempt to downgrade and minimize any damage she caused to Rick's work. The child did not deny however her part in the destruction.

Rick was now beside himself over the loss of his beloved Lego structure, all his hard work gone.
Distrought over his losses and his family worried about his very exsistence Rick's father Dick Poquette is brought into the picture to comfort and console his son over the lost plastic design.
Lego church (not an R. Poquette design.)
Rylee Poquette Lego destroyer
With Rick so mad he can hardly speak and unable to complete a sentence Dick tries to calm him down while he cleans the house and tends to the children after being summoned by the younger Poquette's wife, still at work. 

Cleen Rick's mother said eventually he calmed down and was again able to be trusted with the children and Dick returned home. Cleen: "Rick, he's a fricken retard."

Saturday afternoon at St. Joseph Church in Oneida friends and family joined Aimee Richey and her mother Joanne Lade at a gathering to welcome the Richey's new baby girl due in April. Lade arranged the party and Aimee was happy to have all her family around to see her large belly.
Along with a new baby comes a new house as the couple has purchased a new 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.  The Richey's now have plenty of room for baby and the dogs.
The new Richey abode
Marge Wenzel now barely an adult has been charged with disorderly conduct after a fight with another girl. Wenzel who originally was thought to have assaulted a pregnant woman was picked up on the charge last week. After further investigation it was found that the other girl, an
unreliable native of Oconto was responsible for the accusation which was without merit. Somehow throughout the mess Marge did something to get her in trouble for the disorderly charge.

In a related story Marge's father Gary Wenzel was released from prison recently if you need your barn painted. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Marge Wenzel