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March 23, 2008
                    ow that winter is waning and warmer weather is about to begin Brittany has once again taken advantage of that carefree mood of spring and captured the heart of an unsuspecting member of the opposite sex. The 21 year old Sobieck had sworn off of boys for a couple of months during the
winter snow season but has apparently suspended her own self imposed ban on contact with men most likely due to the onset of spring and warmer weather.
Brittany Sobieck
Sobieck who is known to frequent various bars, sporting events, and music concerts during the summer months enjoys having a male companion in her presence to keep track of personal belongings and articles of clothing during periods of black out after a night of binge drinking.  Last year during one such night while unaccompanied she lost a favorite pair of shoes and while she is adhering to a tight budget during her education she can't afford to be buying a new pair of flip flops every week. 

Sobieck met her new male acquaintance in a chance meeting while visiting her socially well connected cousin Alex Pickett. Pickett had just moved from his parents dismal rural Oneida home to a rockin batchlor pad with his friend Brandyn Shire. Shire 22, who attended West De Pere High School remembered Sobieck as the underclassman one year junior to his class.
Shire took an immediate liking to Sobieck and without knowledge of her troublesome ways with men began to look for more ways to meet up with and hang out with the Oneida harlot. The unspoken for Shire went out of his way on Valentine's Day to impress Sobieck by sending a bouquet of 24
Brandyn Shire
roses. Since then he has made it his business to be around Sobieck as much as possible.

Sobieck who piles up old boyfriends behind her house with a front end loader is hardly able to get any more on top of the pile because the loader won't lift them high enough any more. Seeking another site on the property to start a new pile and having that notion rejected by her mother Trixie Sobieck, Brittany is forced to continue to date Shire until other stacking arrangements can be made.
Brittany Sobieck taunts Brandyn Shire with her tongue
Sobieck has already indicated that Shire is to hang around until at least the Timber Rattler Game outing scheduled for July 26 by reserving two tickets in her name for the event. For the time being Brittany has admitted the couple is formally dating and seeing each other on a regular basis.

Sobieck has used her spring break time (beginning last weekend) to work on a habitat for humanity project in Colorado. Shire did not accompany her to the site.
Two weeks ago we ran a column asking for input on the date and suggestions for the Rattler Game outing this year. Apparently little or no interest in the event was generated as I only got a reservation and comment from one person.

Last year 25 tickets were booked and all were sold in our group. This year I expect about the same number of people with maybe a couple more. I am going to book 30 tickets and they will be on a first come first serve basis. I know I can cancel some up until a few weeks before the game but I doubt if I can get any more if I need them. Remember we need at least 20 to make it pay off for reduced ticket package prices.

Once again the date is July 26 with the game beginning at 6:35 PM. I have already started a list and if you know you are available and would like tickets please let me know. or 869-2368.

As a tradition that began last year Brandon Pickett has once again hosted "Bracket Buster Days" in the basement of his plush Ashwaubenon home.

The concept is to gather as many people as possible to view college basket ball play off games in the theater of his Lynwood Ave. home. Pickett provides projected video on a 96" wall screen along with a 32 " LCD monitor by the bar and various 12" screens scattered about the billiards room and restrooms so no one will miss a big moment. 

Pickett provides the means to cook the food but welcomes contributions from attendees for actual food products. This year Pickett provided some of the meat products and beer on tap for the event. Tap beer is provided throughout the event which runs through Sunday, half barrels are shuttled in as needed from a cooler on wheels in the garage provided by the beer distributor while the empties are strewn about in a haphazard method.

Saturday night Pickett expected to break the attendance record with about 60 people attending, that being the busiest night.
6 Years Ago in
Oneida WI - With the cheerleading season fast approaching and the weather about to turn the corner into spring, Joyce Byrne announces her resignation from the XPFL as head cheerleader.
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Joyce Byrne