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March 30, 2008
                    ven though Bob VanLanen is home from Iraq his is still skittish and trusts no one. VanLanen who was deployed just after the new year says "there's crazies all over blowing up stuff over there." VanLanen is in the Air Force Reserve and his unit was called into active duty and deployed about 20 miles north of Baghdad.

VanLanen works as a refueler servicing planes throughout the night working from 12 PM to 12 AM battling sand storms and stray camels as he readies planes for take off. Sometimes when VanLanen had time off he would volunteer at the hospital. Spending 8 years in
the military before signing up for the reserves VanLanen says "I'm glad to be home." Bob currently is living in Madison but plans to build a home in Appleton in the future.

Even though Brittany Sobieck has done extremely well with her courses in college she will not be accepted to graduate school at UW Milwaukee or another school she had selected for her ongoing studies. Sobieck who wants to become a physical therapist is required to submit to two more years of schooling before being ready wrench the first arm of a patient making them shriek in pain.
Bob VanLanen
Sobieck now has to decide if she is going to continue to live  and work in Milwaukee where the cost of living is high compared to the rural De Pere location of her parents. The other alternative is to abandon her new Milwaukee roots and move back home to De pere where
she now is officially dating a local De Pere native. 

Her decision may be swayed by the fact that her new friend is on deck for a managerial position of his own in the Milwaukee market for Verison wireless phones. Brandon Shire is currently working in the capacity of assistant manager of the Green Bay store but has been told he is on the short list an is poised to take the managers position of a store south of Milwaukee.
This would make it extremely difficult for Sobieck to continue seeing Shire should she move back to De Pere and Shire accept the position. I suspect Sobieck will not decide until Shire knows his future, nevertheless Sobieck still has a couple of months before graduation.
Brittany Sobieck
Brandyn Shire
It did take all of the nine months as Peggy will remind everyone and a little coaxing to get the new son of Peggy and Bunky Pickett to enter the new world. Maxwell Lee as he has been dubbed by his parents was born March 27 at around 11 PM but not before some measures were taken to advance the birth and cut short the natural waiting period. The baby had gone full term and needed to come out according to doctors and a procedure was performed to help the natural process advance.
Maxwell Lee Pickett
Mother and son both came through the birth well and are now home in their rural De Pere home. Both were discharged on Friday afternoon making exactly one day in the hospital.

Gary Meeusen and his girlfriend Heather will be having their wedding shower on April 5 th. For details and further information call Mary Ann Meeusen at 434-9361.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
What ever the decision Sobieck will have at least one semester to wait until she can try to enter graduate school. She will no doubt toil as a common laborer in a menial job for minimum wage until she can be reunited with her books when she is accepted into graduate school.
Lance, Cole, Peggy, Max, and Bunky