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May 11, 2008
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                 hris Richey had known for months that this birth would not be a piece of cake and he was prepared. He had watched the painful training film about giving birth in the back seat of a squad car, he had helped his overly pregnant wife up and down the front stairs of their posh rural Cincinnati home and pushed gently as she encountered the narrow opening that was the front door frame. He knew where the hospital bag was and went over  and over the procedure in his mind so he could perform even in a sleep stupor.

The nerve racking experience of waiting for the birth cycle to begin was taking it's toll on Richey. Even though Aimee appeared to be in the final stages of pregnancy doctors were stunned at the small size of the child and convinced the Richey's to allow the child to remain in the oven longer than the normal 9 month gestation period preferred by most humans. All in all 11 months after conception Anya Jo Richey was born Monday May 5th at 6:06 AM barely making the minimum weight requirements of newborn babies weighing in at 7 lbs. and 13 oz. Anya's length was officially recorded at 21 inches and after birth she was immediately clad in designer clothes selected by her mother while awaiting her arrival. Aimee knew that after such a traumatic thing as birth, baby Anya would be too tired to visit the mall in search of trendy attire.
A joyful Chris Richey Anya's father barely able to stay awake after the unusual 11 month gestation period
Aimee Richey with daughter Anya Jo
Even though Anya has no wardrobe of her own per say she did seem to react to her mother's choice in a negative manner flailing her arms and crying as
if to say that she could not agree less with her mothers selection and she would like to make her own choices about clothing in the future with no help from mother.

Newsletter Reporters have learned from unnamed sources that Doctors who remained puzzled about the long cook time of the baby decided to do experimental testing on the parents as they recovered in the hospital. Blood and urine specimens were taken from the father without his permission as he slept. Routine, it was explained to the mother as her blood and urine were taken for examination in the hospitals laboratory as technicians were looking for telltale signs of extraterrestrial interference with earthlings. Nothing unusual was found in their DNA and the following day the family was discharged with doctors still seeking answers for the strange reproduction cycle. 

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A katandmick wirephoto
A katandmick wirephoto