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May 25, 2008
Timber Rattler Outing Ticket List Click Here.
                y this time next week Brandon Pickett and Clara Snell will be husband and wife. Snell a former UWGB student turned professional accountant is giddy at the prospect of the wedding finally arriving after the 6 year courtship.
When asked if she was frightened at prospect of becoming the center of attention and having all eyes focused on her this week at the wedding Snell replied "Yes I'm afraid of throwing up at the alter." The Couple will be married at Heritage Hill in Allouez next Saturday with the
reception to follow at the Packer Atrium that evening.

Those traveling to attend the wedding include Brandon Pickett's Godmother Cheryl Purshock and her daughter Crystal Bubannas along with her son Cade. The guest list of those who replied that are attending will total over 300. The couple will honeymoon in June in Mexico.

Eugene "Blackie" Cornelius has successfully impregnated his wife, Shannon of two years. Although the specifics of the pregnancy have not yet been determined, such as a due date and the sex of the baby confirmation has been received from a doctor that Shannon is indeed with child.
Clara Snell
Shannon Cornelius
More tests are to be done along with preparations for the long weeks to follow up to the birth of the baby. Shannon is scheduled to again see the doctor on the 9th of June where more information is to be forthcoming.

Upon hearing the news Blackie began gathering enough twigs
and sticks to construct a papoose backpack, a Native American custom common  among his people. But as luck would have it Ashwaubenon does not allow such refuse lying about, therefore Blackie will be forced to take a trip to his fathers home on the rez and collect the necessary materials to construct the backpack. Geno will no doubt even have the necessary rawhide to bind the sticks together and since it's his son he will refuse to charge full price for the materials.
Logan Sobieck who began his racing career last year at the dirt oval track in Seymour continues this year to provide fierce competition for other four cylinder cars in his class. The one time emerging golf pro known as "Cougar" on the course has
diversified his public life by not only providing spectator enjoyment on the golf course but in the stands at the local track as well. Sobieck began his racing career last year at Seymour and continues this year after one victory last year. Although Cougar has not
been victorious this year he has gotten off to some fast starts in the four cylinder class, keeping up with and competing with the winners. You can read more about Cougar and his racing by clicking here.
and here. Scroll down in the text to the paragraph about the four cylinder racers.

As planned Colleen and Richard Poquette celebrated their 25 year anniversary at their posh home in Hobart. Dick's former service garage was transformed into a dance hall and guests observed the couple repeat the vows for a second time as the couple were remarried at 4:30 PM. A dinner of ham and turkey sandwiches along with a selection of fruit, cookies and other confections followed the ceremony. Karaoke entertainment followed the dinner with guests taking turns singing (and I use that term loosely) the words to popular songs as the text crawled by on a video screen.

Early in the karaoke adventure some children and a few adults were adventurous enough to attempt a song or two with Trixie Sobieck popping in now and then to help. As the night wore on and the beer flowed Sobieck selected a few songs of her own to which she demanded help from her sister Jean Poquette-Hansen. As the evening drew to a close the entire play list was Sobieck performing solo with occasional appearances of Poquette-Hansen singing back up.
The commitment of 30 Rattler tickets for July 26 th has been reserved however I will be calling for 5 more seats to be held until July 1. If anyone knows of more people who want to go let me know.  That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Logan "Cougar" Sobieck