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November 16, 2008

Pregame show                                                             Kickoff at 2:00 PM
starts at 1:30 PM

Rock Paper Scissors                                                      Bleacher Seating at
at Half Time with                                                               the 20 Yard lines
                     ith only days before Turkey Bowl and looking forward to her first year of being an XPFL cheerleader Snow Danforth has fallen and broken her ankle. Danforth a Village of Howard resident had been visiting her neighbor and sister in law next door to her single level ranch style abode in the inner city of Howard before tragedy struck. After the visit and while she thought there was still enough light to see, Danforth began her short trek to her entry way door on the front of her garage when the accident happened.

Danforth 34, Trixie Sobieck's younger friend is unsure exactly what happened and thinks that the combination of warm weather lately making the ground warm and causing her snow ankles to go mushy and a small hole burrowed by some type of rodent caused her to trip and fall. Stunned by her fall Danforth lay in a daze for a few moments until she came to her senses. When she had her wits about her she picked up her coal eyes and put them back in, then saw what had happened. She thought for a moment and decided it would be too dangerous to try to walk so she dragged her snow body into the house by her stick arms so as not to injure her other mushy ankle. After she got settled in the house she found that she did not have her glasses and had to crawl back out with a flashlight (she purchased from a rummage sale) to find them.

After a few hours she found the pain to be too intense and decided to seek medical attention.
Snow Danforth now wheel chair bound in her Howard home
a katandmick photo
Danforth found she had indeed broken the sticks in her ankle and a doctor ordered her to stay off of her snow feet for a while and treat the area with ice packs to firm up the injured area.

Danforth procured a wheel chair and negotiates around the house with the device. When the need arises for her to stand she is
Snow Danforth
able to make her way around the house with crutches.

With a growing concern over the last two years that the grass on Poquette Field had been cut too short before the Turkey Bowl, field manager Cleen Poquette announced today that the grass height of three inches for the game would be optimum for this years match up between the Hobart Blue Jell-O's and the Oneida Red Gobblers. Poquette a long time fan of cutting the field to the minimum height of 1/4 inch showed remarkable restraint this year by abstaining from cutting the field even though the rest of her grass got the buzz cut.
Cleen Poquette field manager since the inception of the Turkey Bowl has maintained Poquette Field for the previous 8 games with out any help. This years pregame inspection revealed that sod had been placed around some baron areas near trees planted on the sideline to protect
sideline bystanders during the game. Poquette has agreed to continue with the care for at least the next year.
With the upcoming performance of the XPFL in less than two weeks many forget what goes into feeding the players and spectators before the big game. This years feast will boast of 6 Turkeys, 5 Pork Loin roasts, 40 lbs. of mashed potatoes, and 25 pies for desert. Along with the main courses above are scores of smaller dishes brought by attendees such as cold slaw, veggies, buns, and squash.
Trixie Sobieck
This year a comprehensive list of assignments for food has been carefully thought through and written out by the host of the gathering Trixie Sobieck. As a public service the KAMR has agreed to publish the list for the benefit of all. That's all the news that is news see ya.
Trixie Sobieck: 5 Pork loins, 1 Turkey, Potatoes, Stuffing

Kat Pickett: Cookies, hot chocolate, ground bologna

Jean Poquette Hansen: 1 Turkey

Peg VanLanen: Cat Hair Cold Slaw, Pie

Stephanie Prevost: Squash, and something else

Doats Meeuwsen: Vegetables and Dip

Brittany Sobieck: Buns

Pat Poquette: Carrots

Rae Poquette: 2 Turkeys

Judy Treml: 1Turkey, Green Bean Casserole

Cleen Poquette: Pumpkin and Apple Pies

Alex Poquette: Desert of your choice

Clara Pickett: Cool Whip, Soda,

Cheryl Purshock: Soda

Peggy Pickett: Pumpkin Bars

Snow Danforth: Snow Cones
Cleen Poquette