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November 23, 2008

Pregame show                                                             Kickoff at 2:00 PM
starts at 1:30 PM

Rock Paper Scissors                                                      Bleacher Seating at
at Half Time with                                                               the 20 Yard lines
Kevin Sobieck
                  ith the Turkey Bowl only just days away preparations have once again begun to ready the field for the great turkey day event. With a clear but cold day today the field was measured out to the precise dimensions set out by the XPFL commissioner Brandon Pickett. Pickett on hand every year when the field is laid out is there with his tape measure to make sure both teams have an equal chance at the title.
This years match up will be no less fair as the field has already been staked for Wednesdays painting. With strings all in place line painting equipment will be brought in and straight lines will be sprayed on to Poquette Field as
personal follow the aforementioned lines with the equipment.

It is expected that extra help will be on hand during the day Wednesday as the Purshock Family is to arrive Tuesday evening prior to the lining of the field. Coming with Steve and Cheryl is Steve's son Andy a former XPFL MVP from TBVII. Andy is expecting to play again in the game and will be a formidable opponent, as of the time of this writing Purshock is yet a free agent and has not been drafted by either team.

Colour commentator Dave Poquette is expected to arrive in town on Wednesday afternoon as well, it is well known Poquette is uncomfortable flying and prefers to take his bus to all the games.

Last week we reported that field manager Cleen Poquette called in a grass length of three inches on the playing field however upon inspection today nothing could be further from the truth.
A katandmick photo
I suspect Cleen got her inches mixed up with her centimeters and meant that the grass had a length of three centimeters for that is what the grass measures at this time. Apparently Cleen did cut the grass last week and it is no longer than previous years.
Cleen Poquette
Kevin Sobieck worked silently Sunday as the field crew laid out the field on the Press Box. Sobieck a master builder designed and built the box three seasons ago and it is still in use today.
The box can be broken down and is stored under a tarp at the back of his property. Upon the need for assembly several large sections are carried up to the sideline and set in place while Sobieck puts his screw gun into service fastening the sides and panels in place.
Sobieck an avid fan of the XPFL hopes to one day build a dome on the site to house the entire proceedings. Equipment such as the scaffold for the speaker system, the press box, the scoreboard, the air compressor to power the line painter, string for field layout, and the sign shown at the bottom of this page are all provided by Sobieck to the XPFL at no charge.

Several changes to be noticed this year will be the absence of Joanne Lade as field announcer. It is expected at this time that colour commentator Dave Poquette will take her place with pregame interviews.
At the time of this writing it is not known if Lade will return to future Turkey Bowls or if the trip to her daughters home for the Turkey Day will be an annual event or a one time occurrence. Should it be an annual event then a new opening would occur in the announcing staff.
Joanne Lade
Tim Lade made it clear last year that his days working in the booth were through and decided to retire while still fondly remembered by the fans. Lade who offered on air comment and ran the bump music between plays felt that his decreasing knowledge of football and his excessive age were the two determining factors in his retirement.

Replacing Lade in the booth is a familiar face from the other side of the field. Brittany Sobieck dubbed "the score whore" by her mother Trixie Sobieck will be coming to the broadcast booth to replace Tim Lade. Sobieck who has never worked the booth before is excited to take the place of well respected aged broadcaster Lade. Sobieck who has now abandoned the handle "Score Whore" made this pledge when told of her new assignment: I want to be the best "Audio Slut" ever.

Pregame starts at 1:30 and kickoff is at 2:00 PM That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Field preparations under way at Poquette Field
XPFL Commissioner Brandon Pickett
A katandmick photo