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November 30, 2008
                    ith less than a minute remaining on the clock the Red Gobblers intercepted the ball and grab a chance to tie the game and send the teams into the Turkey Bowl's first overtime. It was not to happen however as the Blue Jell-O's wrapped up the Red Gobblers offence at center field and ran out the clock.

The game a rather low scoring one for the annual match up contained more defense than other years with several interceptions and turnovers off of fumbles. The evenly matched teams exchanged scores throughout the game with each team answering the other on the scoreboard.

Some new talent on the field brought some excitement for the Red Gobblers with Clark Baldwin running for numerous big gains during several possessions. Baldwin a rookie was recruited by Alex Pickett a 9 year veteran of the Turkey Bowl. 
A Purshock photo
A Purshock photo
Blue Jell-O's reign supreme for the third time
Red Gobblers plan an off season regrouping
Fans mill around on the sideline waiting for the game to start
XPFL Cheerleaders sing the national anthem
Head official Earl Poquette conducts the coin toss
Brandon Pickett is brought down during play action
A Purshock photo
A Purshock photo
A Purshock photo
A Purshock photo
sidelines, she has agreed however to continue with the duties for as long as she is needed. Sobieck's boyfriend Jeremy Rezek still seems to have control over the harlot, an unheard of phenomenon to this point. Rezek it is thought has broken the record at this point for the subject continuous friendship to the opposite sex for Sobieck.
The pregame meal was just about the same this year except for the emergence of 5 pork roasts as an alternative to turkey as the main meat. As I sampled the brand new pork entree it seemed that the meat had been flavored in some way as if it were marinated in a secret sauce of some kind. The cat hair cold slaw brought by Peg VanLanen, a favorite of this writer must have been cleverly hidden for I had missed my helping of the cabbage and feline hair delight upon my pass through the buffet style line. A large supply of pies, cookies, and bars dotted the desert platform and many survived the first cutting after the main meal only to be eaten after the game when hungry fans poured into Sobieck Hall to warm themselves and fuel their empty bellies. Along with the deserts the group devoured bags of popcorn and drank a number of adult beverages.

Snow Danforth made an appearance and sat quietly on the sidelines on a chair nursing her broken snow ankle. Danforth commented that it had still not
Jeremy Rezek
been cold enough to firm up her slushy ankle and that colder weather helps her fridged body hold together better. A rookie to the Turkey Bowl Danforth also commented that she liked the event and that it was one of the best Thanksgivings
holiday she had had in a long time and plans to continue to attend the event.

Dan VanLanen conducted the 50/50 raffle and did an outstanding job raising $210 for the Turkey Bowl is Fun foundation. VanLanen sold a number of tickets and a drawing was held after the game, Joe Sobieck won the jackpot and went home with $210.
When told of the win a composed Sobieck hesitated a moment and then said "really, I never win anything" then muttered something unintelligible and eventually walked away with the money. Profit from the raffle will be used to retire the debt on the calendar printer, purchase materials and supplies print new calendars and pay for prizes awarded for the rock paper scissors event at halftime. The cost of the calendars has been kept low thanks to the raffle and while there may not be a decrease in price on this years calendar it is possible future calendars may see a price decrease should the expense account actually build up finds. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Snow Danforth
Strict enforcement this year of the unnecessary roughness rule led to a less physical game with extra scrutiny being placed on women and children being run down by bigger more powerful players. Officials were told by Commissioner Pickett that the roughness was not to be tolerated and to throw the flag immediately upon seeing the slightest infraction. Along with the roughness rule the rushing and throwing rule was enforced with quarterbacks having to rid the ball in 7 seconds or less, the first 5 seconds they are protected from the sack and are free to search for receivers with out worry. The strict enforcement of that rule generated a couple delay of game penalties. 

Sound slut Brittany Sobieck commented that Gary Meeuwsen definitely had the best dance moves to the bump music while centering for the gobblers. Sobieck a first year sound slut seemed to like the duty but missed being with the crowd on the