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October 12, 2008
Pumpkin Carving
Her plush Greenleaf Home                       Begins at 1 PM
Be sure to bring your own pumpkin
Pot luck lunch served
Check with Jean Poquette-Hansen for bringing food 920-864-2163
Wiccan Sarah Poquette once a resident of Hobart will return to the village to cast  spells and eat small children.
A katandmick photo
A katandmick photo
            t's been a long time but Sarah Poquette who once lived in the Village of Hobart casting spells and holding meetings for local Wiccan's will be moving back to the upscale Brown County Village. Poquette moved from the area to be able to live on her own in the city away from parental constraints which plague most Wiccans.

At the present time Poquette lives with her boyfriend Ryan and his brother and father, all of whom coincidently are seeking employment and are out of work at this time. Poquette is planning to leave the group and get her own quarters at the posh Grandview Apartments on Florist Drive in Hobart (provided her application is approved by the buildings board of review.)
No date has yet been set for the return but Poquette's father Richard is relieved that Sarah is moving closer. Richard Poquette: "It'll help me out a lot if she moves next door in the apartments, I won't have to drive so far to bring her rent money, especially with the price of gas the way it is."

Of course Poquette will
still remain engaged to her on line boyfriend even though he has still not sent her a full body shot yet.
Poquette has not yet made the trek to visit her new love and perhaps with cheaper rent she may able to purchase a new broom for the trip. 

Bob VanLanen is planning to conduct a paintball outing on October 25 and all are welcome. He plans to start the the paint ball war at 11 AM but if you can't make it till later he says that that's OK too. It will be at Commando's Paint Ball Sports, 2055 West Frontage Road in Little Suamico. VanLanen has reserved the grounds for a group of 20 people but more is better according to Bob. He says there is no limit so to speak for paint balling. Equipment is able to be rented at the facility.

For more information contact Bob VanLanen at 920-366-3386. If you need information from Commando's Paint Ball Sports their number is 920-826-5554. Bob also says you can stay as long as you wish even if others of the group leave. 
Last week Jean Poquette Hansen was told to move to a new area at her work place where someone else had vacated. Hansen made the move and then began to notice the smell of urine around her. Not wanting to outwardly accuse anyone of having a weak bladder without proof Hansen began sampling things around her taking a whiff of this and then that trying to see if she could track down the odor.

It turned out that she was the one from where the odor emanated. Even though it's been well documented that Hansen has an incontinence problem and has trouble in the urine control department it seems that the most likely answer is not that at all.

Hansen who owns two beagles has numerous problems with the beasts from running away to chewing up expensive DVD's, and now she can add another bad habit, urinating on her clothes. It seems that Hansen had her favorite sweater in a drawer and one of the dogs decided to mark it for her, (probably so as not to be taken by some other queen.)  Hansen getting ready for work donned the sweater in a hurry with the dried urine awaiting her body heat and perspiration to activate the putrid odor and permeated the surrounding cubicles of Aurora Health Care.

Alarmed by her findings Hansen began to wipe off the arm of the sweater with anti-bacterial wipes in an effort to turn the urine soaked garment into an inert odorless but wet bit of attire. It did not work, and she indeed reeked throughout the day. It is unknown just how many complaints were logged in the HR department by her co-workers and in spite of the embarrassment Hansen says her dogs are staying but she will be keeping them out of the bedroom. That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Jean Poquette Hansen visits with relatives while her dog pees on her arm unbeknownst to her