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September 7, 2008
                  teve and Cheryl Purshock have to once again get accustomed to the tropical weather of Florida as the fall tropical storms and hurricanes batter the Gulf Coast with natures fury.
The Purshocks have spent the last 5 years in the southern regions of Illinois while Cheryl took an open Air Force job more to her liking. Not to her liking were the weather and the high crime rate of the St. Louis suburbs they lived in, so it was not surprising that when an opening came up at a base near Fort Walton Beach again she
immediately snapped it up. They left the Illionois area last winter and made for the Florida Gulf Coast to live in their FWB home which they retained in case of a situation like this.

Steve managed to find work in the Saint Louis area and at one point he managed a hospital kitchen. With his thirst for knowledge he managed to pick up some training and skills in refrigeration and is licensed to repair freon refrigeration systems which he loves doing. At this point his is not working in that field but makes good money in side jobs repairing freezers and refrigerators.
Stephen Purshock
Cheryl Purshock remains behind a desk in the Air Force doing a civilian job but maintains her reserve status.

Both Purshocks put in long hours last week sandbagging their home to keep water from flooding their basement in case Gustav headed their way. Neither of the two wanted a repeat
of the damage incurred when Hurricane Ivan pounded the Florida Gulf Coast in 2004. At that time the damage to their home was bad enough with the roof being torn off and the ceilings getting water damage. Water flooded the basement and ruined a pile of coal they needed to fuel their steam boiler for the winter months.
Cheryl Purshock
With Hurricane Ike bearing down on Cuba and ready to enter the Gulf it's path yet uncertain, the Purshocks brace themselves once again and take a deep breath hoping that the latest storm takes a path away from Florida.

Christine Meeuwsen has had a last minute change to her charter as a Peace Corps Volunteer. The village she was supposed to begin her career at Guinagourou, a village of about 1,500 will now be someone else's responsibility and Meeuwsen will move on to another village with a population of about 4,000 named Bouniakou.

Meeuwsen reports she will be doing the same work as in the other village but it is a bit farther to town with about a 15 km. bike ride.
Still there is no running water or electricity in this town as she reports and that seems to be OK with her for now.

She will now be settling down for her routine in the village and she says she will be  pretty much out of touch for now with maybe an occasional trip into
town for supplies and pick up her mail. She says don't expect to hear from her for about the next three months.

Her speech to the President of Benin went well but as it turned out it wasn't the current President but a former President, the first President of the country, which I guess is special in itself.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Chrissy Meeuwsen