eptember 15, 2008 Megan Krueger began her teaching career after 4 years of intense college preparation. Her first impression......... nothing is as it was when she was in school.

Perhaps it was her own mind set in thinking that children do not grow when they advance in grades, but she somehow was quite surprised when asked to teach a sixth grade class and the children were
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September 21, 2008
nearly as big as she. While in the hall on student even asked her "hey what grade are you in?"  It was just eleven years ago when Krueger herself roamed the halls of a middle school and she says she didn't think she was as big as
Megan Krueger
these kids are today.  I would suggest that they weren't, and it was the increased radiation that made the kids grow unreasonably large for their age.

Although Krueger did not elaborate in her e-mail press release it would be a safe assumption that she is teaching in a school near or in Milwaukee her college home, UW Milwaukee, and she is nearing completion. Next semester Megadeth, as she is known to many will begin the high school part of her training and she can hardly wait to see if one of the boys will ask her to prom.

Krueger states that she has the sixth grade class reading Where the Red Fern Grows, what she describes as a sad book. She also has forgotten that sixth graders have no emotion and will not find the book creating any sad frame of mind in their pre teen heads. 

Monday night I went to go to bed as usual and it was a bit late due to a late night in the newsroom trying to verify news stories, but be it as it may I went upstairs to the bedroom and alas the door was locked. This unusual circumstance has never happened before, at least not by accident anyway. The Kat was in her bed purring and sleeping so I went and got my keys and let myself in. After a few hours of sleep I was awakened by my bladder, a
A katandmick photo
Megadeth stands with her sixth grade class of which she is one of the shorter
normal condition when large amounts of beverages are consumed working on the weeks news. Upon returning to the bed room I was once again stunned to find the door locked and me unable to gain entry what with my keys on the nightstand. After trying to jimmy the door, the Kat awoke and asked what was going on, I explained my dilemma and she insisted that ghosts were playing tricks on us. She had once, maybe twice before encountered certain anomalies convincing her that a spirit or spirits are hanging around our humble abode.
After looking through literature from Kat's many medications I noticed one that caused the patient to suffer from sleepwalking. This would seem to me to be a more logical explanation than the angry ghost which enjoys interrupting our sleep. Kat insists that she had not been sleep walking but also is unable to remember certain things she says to me while under the influence of the drugs . She often talks of how I should relax more and she
should start doing more work around the house, yet when she awakens she has no recollection of these things she says while asleep.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
The Kat